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People often ask why I went into a career in tech sales? Simply put, I love the world of technology and it’s incredibly familiar to me: I have two brothers that work in tech sales in the Bay Area whose careers began post dot-com, pre-financial crisis; a time that I am grateful to jointly experience. I’ve gone with them to their President’s Club as their guest, visited their office, and spent many happy hours and dinners with their fellow colleagues. All of these situations were eye-opening experiences, and I’m happy that my brothers brought me with them and included me in their work. However, during all of these experiences, there was one thing that always stood out — where were all their female colleagues? This didn’t deter my pursuit of tech sales, and if anything, I encourage more women to join me in tech and to put themselves out there to be the role models we need! So what tips do I have for women just starting a career in tech sales? Read on:

Stay Positive

What differentiates great sales people from their peers is the ability to respond positively when rejection comes – I smile and dial every day. From the time I arrive at my desk, I am calling prospects and clients, interested in better understanding their role within their particular organization and how I can better help them. I have learned that not everyone will be interested in your elevator pitch — and that’s ok. The best way to respond to the “no.” is with positive grace. I know I only have 5 seconds to capture their attention and often times, a direct result of my positive response is earning an extra 10 seconds with them, followed by 3 more minutes, which turns into a scheduled 15 minute discovery call. Remember that people buy from people, regardless of what industry you are in (B2B vs B2C, it’s all B2Human), so remaining positively persistent is necessary for prospects and clients to like you — and people buy from those that they like.

Know Your Plan

My performance is based on several metrics, so I work with a solid, attainable end goal in mind. As such, I have created a plan that will help me achieve my daily, weekly, and monthly goals. The plan entails specific and actionable details on how I can achieve the end results. Develop your plan, talk with your boss and mentor about it, and create actionable baby steps that you can take along the way to achieving the larger quarter-end goals. Remember – one bad day doesn’t have to equate to a bad month if you course correct along the way. Speaking of which…


Once I know my plan, I prioritize. I create a to-do list at the end of each day. My to-do-list allows me to constantly re-prioritize my tasks to stay on track. This to-do-list also makes an efficient starting place for the following morning so I come in to the office knowing exactly what needs to get done and can jump right in.

Build Relationships

Don’t forget about those sitting in the sales pit with you! At ON24, I’m surrounded by talented people and great teams. It is in the relationships I have formed with other coworkers outside of my direct team that provide me invaluable feedback, contributing to my growth as a member of the ON24 sales team.

Hard work requires commitment and when you commit to it; your goal becomes a reality. Making a plan, focusing on building genuine relationships with those around you, and staying positive will help you become a great sales person. Have other sales tips? Share them in the comments below!

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