Just buy from me already!

Yeah that’s how every business owner secretly feels. If only it was that easy and simple…

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to buy what you have to offer right from the get-go. Most people need nurturing through what is known as a sales funnel.

A process that takes a prospect through the buying journey.

Whether you already have one or not – here are 5 tests every sales funnel must follow in order for it to be a success…

1. Do you have a reliable source of traffic?

To succeed online you need traffic and conversions.

It’s pretty straightforward yet entrepreneurs like to complicate it. They’re always looking for the latest gimmick or growth hack.

Are you even getting enough traffic in the first place? And how do you define “enough” traffic?

Only then can you move onto the next question.

2. Do you have a free product?

Before anyone buys from you, how do they get a taste of what you offer or a feel of your style? That’s where offering a free product comes in handy – you give people a taste of the value you could potentially offer.

You may need to create a few free products and send some traffic to each one to find out which one converts best.

When they choose to get access to your free product, usually you want to get their email address in return so you can offer them more value in the future.

3. Do you have a low-cost product you can upsell them after they subscribe to get the free product?

Right after people subscribe to get the free product, because they’re already in that “buying zone” it’s best to upsell them on a low-cost product that’s almost like a no brainer and doesn’t require much commitment from their side.

Not everyone will buy it, but hey… some people will.

Besides those who don’t buy… you’ve already got them on the email list where you can warm them up a bit.

4. Do you have an email sequence to educate your subscribers?

Here is where you get to show your magic by adding value to your subscribers.

Educate them and warm them up. Build trust with your expertise that will help them out.

Don’t stop emailing them. Email your list frequently but not too frequently.

Don’t go too long too quiet otherwise they may forget you. Your goal is to stay on top of their mind – so when they do need that extra help, you’ll be the first person they’ll come to.

Consistency is the important part here.

If you can consistently add value to someone’s life… sooner or later they’ll buy from you.