Before you assume telemarketing is getting phased out, you would be surprised how much use it still has when it comes to measuring success. You do not always need to generate leads directly through telemarketing calls either. There are other ways that telemarketing can be used to measure your overall marketing success regardless if it adds to it or not.

Other Ways To Test With Telemarketing

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As a prime example, internet traffic has often been used by many software businesses today as a mark of success. Questioning its value has also become another recent trend however. Using telemarketing, you can find ways to see if there really is any point in drawing all that online attention for software leads.

  • Traffic versus customer profile – Can you really imagine your prospects spending enough time on the net to give you that traffic? Sometimes hearing them more directly via inbound telemarketing will provide something you can either compare or contrast. Do you have that many people surfing for you despite little time or is one person doing something to unethically produce that traffic?
  • Authenticating responses from traffic – If your traffic has been getting a lot of responses from supposed prospects, why not send a telemarketing call to make sure they are not generated by spam bots? It is also a fact that contact forms do not necessarily count as leads until you engage the prospect in further conversation. Telemarketing may be just one way to do it but it is also among the fastest.
  • Determining the value of traffic – Sometimes taking note of your traffic can be more of a distraction when you have the same telemarketing conversations or leads, like accounting software leads, despite any rises or falls. At this point, it might be time to look to other areas of your marketing strategy to see what is really behind your success.

Think of traffic like the social media profiles of your online friends. Telemarketing is the part where you see if you can meet up with these friends and see what they are really like. There can be a great disconnect between your relationship online or it could only add to the conversation you already had. There may not be a need to dismiss traffic’s value completely in your software lead generation campaign but it pays to have a process that is more ‘real’ to measure its role in your success.