A high amount of software leads is good for any company whether you are a vendor for SCM or HR processes. However, sometimes you keep generating them so much, you get dangerously closer to generalizing. They are starting to look all the same. The back of your mind keeps whispering that treating your software leads individually will only prolong your lead generation process, making it arduous. How do you respond?

Personalizing Software Leads Requires Only Simple Responses

 Software Leads, HR Software Leads, Lead GenerationWell first off, the back of your mind is correct to a certain point. You cannot really have the time to really know everything from just your software leads. You have other business to concern yourself with. Still, it stops being right when it comes to the simple things that just make these software leads a little more unique and one good example are a set of responses they give you.

  • Age of the business – Just like people, businesses have their own birthdays. Just because such information does not seem informative enough for B2B leads does not mean it will not add some value to your own response to them. Think of your qualified sales leads in the same way social media thinks of its users. Are not users reminded of significant dates like anniversaries?
  • Industry of the business – While more general than business age, responding based on industry still makes it easier for you to organize your software leads. For example, marketing HR software to people in the construction business could imply something that is a little more in tune with the culture of their work place.
  • Name of the decision maker – If you are selling HR software, then you would likely be targeting people who find your products most relevant. Do not be so formal that you are afraid to mention them by name. If your HR software leads should not be generalized then you should distinguish yourself by letting each prospect know that you are addressing them individually (even in just a small way).

You know you could even make the more unique simply by putting up all the above information together. As implied before, these might not be big indicators compared to information on explicit needs, budget, and available time. Yet they can complement the value of those indicators (and the value of your software leads as a whole) by personalizing your response to them in your software lead generation strategy.