“If You Don’t Cold Call, You’re Mentally Ill!”

I never thought people would stoop so low, but I’ve come across something that just totally floored me.

I found it when I was browsing a popular sales discussion forum. One of the members is a sales trainer, who goes out to corporations and teaches the sales reps how to cold call.

Her statement that floored me was this: “People who don’t cold call have call reluctance, which is a mental disorder that can be cured through therapy!”


Did you just hear that? If you don’t like to cold call – and I’m assuming you don’t if you’re like most normal people – then you must be mentally ill!

THAT is her brilliant explanation for it!

Here are the real reasons why people choose not to cold call:

– Cold calling doesn’t work anymore

– It’s miserable and tedious

– There are far better ways to get leads

– The Internet has made it totally obsolete

…and so many more.

Why Did She Say It?

Why would someone make such an absurd and offensive statement about sales reps who choose not to cold call?

The answer is shocking, but simple: Sales trainers who force cold calling down everyone’s throats do it because they know, full well, that cold calling doesn’t really work. Therefore, when clients continue to fail by cold calling, they keep coming back for more and more training, which means ongoing income for the sales trainer.

It reminds me of what a friend of mine said. She is a respected hypnotherapist – not a Vegas stage hypnotist, but a professional who works with drug rehab patients, victims of depression, and other tough cases. She said that hypnotherapy is a tougher business than psychotherapy, because therapists keep people coming back for months or even years, while a good hypnotherapist can fix the problem in a few sessions, then the patient never has to come back.

In other words, problem solved.

And that’s what I do. I’m not interested in keeping people coming back over and over for more sales training. Instead, I cure the cold calling addiction up-front and show you how to generate an endless supply of hot, qualified leads on autopilot – people who are ready and willing to buy right now.

And once you do that, your sales numbers will explode, your stress will disappear, and you’ll enjoy a huge level of success that few salespeople will ever experience.