Buyers are doing their research ahead of time and they are pulling information from company websites, blog sites, social media and other people. Buyers are out there acting on decisions quickly and are making big decisions based on information available to them. Buyers are all over the place with respect to decision-making. They are in control of the process and want results now.

This is where the culture is today. Are you still figuring out what is best for your clients? If you are, your ideas may be old ideas by the time they are implemented.

Old selling methodologies are being replace by newer methodologies, (These methodologies are being defined today!) Strong customer service is the way to meet client needs at the present time. If companies do not embrace client service then they are really falling quickly behind the curve. Client service staff need to be well-informed employees who can ultimatley be empowered to answer client questions and have to understand a businesss’s products and services.

The sales funnel today has all types of holes in it. (Literally.) People are coming in and out of the cycle. Buyers needs are changing daily and many are looking for a quick fast way to resolve issues or take them to a better place. It is a challenge for marketers. Cold-calling techniques do not work anymore. This year I am trying to find new techniques and finding moderate success. It is definitely a work in process.

Here are some of the processes I am seeing success with:

  • Having face-to-face discussions – There is a huge need to have discussions with clients and sit down and work together to see where a win-win success can be achieved.
  • Build a network outside of your traditional industry – It is more imporant than ever to not only grow your contact base within your industry but also outside your industry. Connect with other marketing professionals and talk through ideas and develp some potential solutions.
  • View social media as a human relation investment more than a financial investment. Get your name out there and connect with the best of the best. Watch time spent here. Monitor and listen more and talk and chat less. You simply do not have the time.
  • Focus more and more on your inbound marketing needs. Think like your customers would. Develop client personna’s and continue to try different ways to reach people.
  • Don’t work by yourself. Tap others in your workplace, outside your workplace, online. No single person has all the answers and there are thousands of examples of great marketing examples ocurring everyday. We have never seen anything like this in our lifetime. It’s exciting and challenging every day!
  • David Merriman Scott says it best…You cannot dabble, You cannot tweet twice a month, It is about a lifestyle change. Listen to the full interview here.
  • Simple messages sell.

Everyday, as part of my to-do list, I look for ways to constantly improve and look at things from a new perspective. Today, I’ve decided that I need act on these changes in a much more quicker manner and work towards having a real-time approach every day. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Old methods do not work and new methods need to be quickly developed from ideas. Testing and measuring is the only way toward better success. Change can only start with change. Old methods need to be converted to new methods. It is a daily process.

Picture Source: Pixabay