The best salespeople and wholesale distributors all have one thing in common: credibility. When a client trusts you, there is an opportunity to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. How can you get on this level with your clients? Follow these tips to build your credibility:

Sweat the small stuff.

Using “your” instead of “you’re” may not seem like a big mistake, but it can be when you are trying to build credibility. When a customer is just getting to know you and your company, you need to exude professionalism, and making small mistakes like this does the exact opposite. Clients will notice spelling and grammar errors and whether you accidentally invert two numbers and take this as a sign you don’t pay attention to detail.

Don’t overpromise.

Salespeople and wholesale distributors should always live by the motto “under-promise, over-deliver” not “over-promise, under-deliver.” When you make promises to a client just to get them to sign on the dotted line, but then end up not being able to deliver, this destroys your credibility. How will a client ever be able to trust what you say when you broke the first promise you ever made to them?

Sell them what they need.

When salespeople try to sell their clients on the newest product just to meet a quota, they forget to consider whether their clients will actually benefit from the product. Salespeople must focus on selling only what the client needs—not what you want to sell. If you try to sell something that’s unnecessary, the client will immediately begin to view you as just another salesperson trying to make a buck. This is no way to build credibility and trust with your clients.

Show them proof.

Clients want to know the product or service you are offering has been successful for other companies in the past. The more proof of this that you can offer to your client, the more credible your sales pitch will appear. Before you begin pitching to new clients, create a case study that shows how a company in their industry has succeeded with your product or service. Come to the meeting prepared to talk about this company’s results so you can back up your pitch with proof.

Have a strong online presence.

When you first make contact with a new client, chances are, that client will immediately Google your name to see who you are. What will they find when they start to check up on you? Make sure you have a strong online presence so your clients see you in a positive light. Update your LinkedIn profile and use a professional headshot. Check the privacy settings on your other social media profiles so you can be sure clients won’t see your personal photos or status updates if you don’t want them to. Remember, first impressions go a long way, so you want to portray yourself as a professional, trustworthy salesperson.

How do you build credibility and trust with your clients? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!