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Brain Waves; Transform your sales team to higher levels of performance

Ok, let me confess right off. Brain Waves is not my word, search on it and you will find many references to technical concepts that I have read about for the past 15 years. Recently I happened to have heard a sports talk radio host discuss Brain Waves in terms of what winning football players must exhibit, he specifically discussed using powerful Brain Waves to get into the head of their opponent allowing the one player to dominant.

Since I had studied the concept beginning years ago the term stuck with me and during one of our recent Slammed! Sales Management Boot Camp online discussions, the concept of hiring high-level salespeople came up vs developing high-level salespeople, in the group conversation I described the concept of Brain Waves as a separating factor in all high-performing salespeople.

While we can always discuss the concepts if average salespeople can move up to “A” level salespeople, it is my firm belief a Sales Manager can move all salespeople up to the next level by following the next few steps and generating higher levels of production. They all relate to having the correct Brain Waves.

  1. In hiring the right person, you need to assess their mental capacity in smarts, capacity to learn and mental toughness. Your interviewing process must have the questions, the evaluations and use of online assessments to validate these issues. Smart salespeople can easily understand the “Why’s” of the sales process, evaluate the sales situation they are in and if they have a capacity to learn, product/services concepts will connect and they be open to coaching. Mental toughness relates to persistence and wiliness to do what is necessary to win.
  1. During one of my keynote programs, I cover the process of building a high-performance culture throughout an organization. One of the key points I mention is the responsibility of Sales Leadership to build belief in the organizations people, services/products, customer experience and commitment. This Brain Wave must be reinforced with specific and tactical actions and if done correctly the salesperson’s proper Brain Waves will be transmitted to the prospect during every sales call creating the positive emotion necessary to gain the prospect’s confidence.
  1. Confidence is a level of sales Brain Waves that is another Sales Leadership responsibility. Effective individual coaching along with a regular cadence of sales skills and product/service training programs will increase the level of salesperson confidence when handling any sales situation. Salespeople break down when they are unclear in executing the sales process, answering tough questions, unable to sell or understand the business benefits their products/service can provide to a prospect. If Sales Managers know how to coach and train and do it, the confidence level of the entire team will increase and therefore production will increase.
  1. The last point I will make is the Brain Waves of the Sales Manager, without the proper alignment at the leadership position points 1, 2, 3 will fail. I have found after many years of working with sales leaders that the alignment of their personal life and their professional life be in balance. While our training does focus on the tactical and strategic issues facing Sales Managers we discovered that if their personal life was not correct-for whatever reason- their level of performance on the professional failed. There are many aspects in both of these (personal/professional) topics but it can be as simple as having personal goals, a vision for their life, a personal action plan and linking it to their professional business plans and objectives. I call this aligning the soul of individual to goals of the organization.

Check out your Brain Waves and what you are doing to increase the effectiveness of everyone around you. Let me know your other thoughts/ideas on this topic.