Consistent top-line revenue generation is necessary for the continued survival, and success, of any business. Yet, while organizations are more than happy to hand over the reins of functions like payroll and IT to third-party service providers, when it comes to sales many CEOs balk at the notion of allying with a strategic sales partner.

Although you might consider sales to be a core competency of your business, the truth is that most in-house sales teams are inadequately equipped to deal with the demands of customer acquisition, lead generation, appointment setting, and closing. In fact, 82% of CEOs acknowledge that they currently have a broken sales process, an admission that all but confirms that the strategic vision required to revamp sales processes is lacking within a majority of organizations.

For businesses that are struggling to optimize their revenue generation, these problems can be easily resolved at a fraction of the cost, with the aid of professional sales team.

Consider the Statistics

Researchers at Marketo, have identified the following metrics related to lead qualification and sales:

  • A 5% increase in selling time results in a 20% increase in revenues.
  • A 1% increase in active opportunities along the sales pipeline leads to 25% more revenue.
  • A 15% shorter sales cycle can increase revenue by up to 30%.

Now ask yourself, does your sales department have the necessary resources, or technical skills, to deliver on any of these objectives? At Invenio, we employ a team of data scientists that are solely focused on adding efficiency to the lead generation process. Using cutting-edge automation tools, and data-driven insights these sales specialists can deliver qualified customers right into the hands of experienced closers.

Identifying New Opportunities for Growth

By design, in-house sales teams are constrained in terms of their location, expertise and outside reach. While your existing networks might be enough to secure a few big-ticket customers that will sustain your business, they simply won’t offer you the necessary flexibility to pursue customers in new markets.

At Invenio our sales team functions as a strategic partner for your company’s lead generation and growth strategies. Our channel experts can help you identify the best channels for reaching new prospects, while our analysts can work on developing sales opportunities in overlooked vertical and geographical markets.

Leveraging Analytics

Analytics tools and CRM software may have brought new efficiencies to the selling process, but maintaining the necessary infrastructure and personnel to properly leverage these technologies requires a substantial investment of time and money.

At Invenio we already operate a multichannel technology stack that can target customers across social media, chat, and voice. In addition, our data scientist can develop and implement industry-specific analytics platforms that can help them break down thousands of data points within the customer’s journey. Using these insights, we can anticipate objections proactively, and identify the best time to move a lead from one part of the marketing funnel to the next with the ultimate purpose of securing a speedy conversion.