When you are just starting your career in sales it can be hard to figure out how to generate sales. The main goal is to close the most sales in the shortest amount of time. But how can you do that when your co-workers are also your competition? Going into the sales field can be overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it you will find it can be a lucrative career choice. Many people have the idea that the more people you pitch to the more sales you will get. This is just not true. If you spend your time sending thousands of emails, making twitter and Facebook posts, blogging and cold calling random numbers you are wasting your time and the time of everyone you pitch to. This method is time-consuming and does not generate a lot of sales. You need to learn decisive selling techniques that will help you get the most sales in the shortest amount of time.

Decide Which People Are the Best Targets

A target is the audience you wish to make your pitch to in order to get them to buy your product. No matter how great you think your product is or if you think everyone could benefit, not everyone is a target. Do not waste your time or the time of other people by trying to sell your product to people who are not interested in the product or do not qualify as a target. Make a list of potential viable targets and their similarities/differences and work from there. You will have more success in sales if you make a list of potential targets and work through that list. If you are selling appliances don’t waste your time giving flyers to people who live in apartments. You should be visiting homebuilding sites, mobile home showrooms, and giving flyers and business cards to homeowners. If you are calling numbers you need to choose a section of numbers, do your research and make sure you are only calling numbers attached to residential neighborhoods. Making a decision as to who your potential viable targets will be is the first step to success. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if you are pitching to the wrong audience.

Decide When to Continue and When to Stop

Nothing is more annoying to the person you are trying to sell to than pushing your product on them when they don’t want it. When someone is interested in your product, you will know right away by the fact that they are actively listening to you or asking you questions. If someone sounds uninterested in your product you need to decide when it is best to end the conversation in a respectful manner. You also need to decide if they might be a viable reference source. If they are not interested in buying or cannot buy from you at this point in time it is perfectly ok to ask them if they know anyone who might be interested. You can also leave your contact information and ask them to tell their friends who might want to buy your product. Never push your product, be rude to the customer, or hang up on them. The point is to generate sales leads, and you cannot do that if you are making everyone dislike you. More than likely they will remember what you are selling, but not your name. You need to be able to decide if they are a target, someone wasting your time, or if you just need to stop the conversation.