Marketing hates it when they work so hard to create leads and then sales fumbles them… or doesn’t maximize their chances of closing.

And Sales hates it even more for that matter.

Imagine if marketing leads were truly jumped on! If they were handled by the person with the best relationship. Life would be so much smoother.

Happily ever after would be the mantra of sales and marketing. Think Shrek and Fiona. Like that happy!

But salespeople are overloaded with so many things, including sales tools they are required to adopt. Ask yourself, “Does your sales team think that CRM Adoption are really dirty words?”

This is a call to Marketing; Please help simplify the lives of your sales team! The less time required to train on tools, the more cash they put in the bank, and into your bonus.

Oh and managers, never, ever hold your top performers to cold call quotas. Think about it. When was the last time you bought something as a result of a cold call? You can’t remember you say? Well neither can I. It just doesn’t doesn’t work.

If salespeople can save 5 hours a week with Relationship Intelligence Automation by their side, they would Sell more. Exceed quota. Buy something fun. Take some holidays! And come back to work refreshed, and ready to Sell Even More.

Relationship Intelligence Automation is a single category of sales tools that actually reduces what salespeople have to learn and helps them save time. KaBoom!

Never heard of RIA? It’s meant to simplify the lives of your sales team and in most cases, training isn’t even required.

RIA does all of the admin work and strategic thinking. It helps sales teams be much more prepared for client interactions. And best of all it helps your sales team say “goodbye forever” to logging into cumbersome systems.

Just think, what if prospecting time could be significantly reduced by leveraging the knowledge and network of your coworkers?

Cultivating relationships via relationship intelligence automation (RIA) systems is truly the best path to exceeding quota.

Get with the program or be outsold. :) Request an Introhive Demo today.