If you needed anything done you could always rely on her.

She was light years ahead of anyone in your sales force.

She was a superhero.

When it came to performance and execution, there was no one in her league. She took your goals and crushed them. Month after month, year after year, she performed and earned more than any other sales person in your organization.

Her relationships with her clients were unbreakable.

Her work ethic was unbelievable.

She, was rainmaker.

But then it happened.

She started to talk to you and the other people in charge at the organization. She voiced her concerns about the problems she was seeing within the organization. Being a superhero she had X-Ray vision and saw the inner workings of your sales force beginning to rot.

She continued to share here concerns. But those concerns fell on deaf ears.

Soon enough, she felt as if she and her colleagues no longer mattered.

She continued to accelerate in her role, hoping this extra drive would help change things and make people appreciate her and her opinion.

As time progressed, she noticed that company morale was taking a turn for the worse. Things were becoming ever more stagnant. Her opinion, along with everyone else’s opinion started to lose weight.

The day arrived. She walked into the office and told you that she was planning on leaving the organization.

You sat there, hardly paying attention to your best sales person.

You reluctantly asked “why?”

She voiced her concern one last time. She poured her out on your desk. She told you that your sales force was rotting from the inside and she couldn’t take it anymore.

But nothing was done.

After all those years, your action or lack of, summed up the true value your best sales person had.

Now she’s gone to your competitor.

What are you doing to prevent your best sales person from leaving?

What are you doing to prevent your sales force from rotting from the inside?