If you are one of those on the lookout for a better way to manage and grow your small business, CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software can make all the difference. In today’s tech market, CRM solution isn’t something that only large enterprises need and can afford to implement. No matter how many employees are working at your company, leveraging the data to make sure that you are servicing your customers at the highest level possible and make sure that your team is efficient enough to help you grow your business is crucial for any organization. Here’s a list of CRM software solutions for small business so you can better assess your needs and choose the best one:

#1 Bpm’online

Bpm’online CRM is a scalable cloud system that bridges the gap between marketing, sales and customer service, which effectively manages and oversees the complete customer journey from lead to order, as well as keep track of all follow-ups in a user-friendly environment, which makes it easier for users to adopt the product. Bpm’online online CRM system has been included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center, 2015. Moreover, it has received the highest overall score among Strong Performers in the Forrester Wave: CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations, Q1 2015.

Bpm’online is a great software solution for companies that are looking to manage all processes on one platform while storing the essential data in one secure cloud repository. The product also provides users a set of out-of-the-box processes as well as a constructor option that adjusts them and creates new ones on the fly. Bpm’online offers plenty of various editions and price ranges, which allows you to select the edition that best fits the needs of your small, yet fast-growing business. All licenses include basic support plans, free updates and product maintenance. Bpm’online also offers an integration with Google Calendar so you can transport essential data.

#2 Insightly

Insightly is a simple solution that is capable of growing with your business. Insightly helps users manage their contacts, partners, organizations, vendors, and suppliers. The system provides access to a contacts’ background, email history and event calendars. The integration with social media allows users to find all social media profiles that are relevant to a contact’s email address. Insightly’s mobile app provides users with an option to add tasks, view contact details, log calls, and check project statuses.

#3 Capsule CRM

Capsule aims to make utilizing a CRM software a simpler process by offering six core capabilities to help users run their business: relationship management, managing the sales pipeline, organizing emails, storing contact histories, and managing tasks. Capsule CRM’s user-friendly interface, helps customers get used to the new system, which is especially useful for small companies that have no previously implemented solutions. With just five icons in the menu, users can overview upcoming tasks, contacts, track the sales pipeline, open cases and calendars.

Capsule is integrated with Google Apps, so when a user adds a contact to Capsule CRM, their details will get added to the Google address book in seconds. Additionally, Capsule CRM keeps record of communications between a lead and the existing customer.

#4 Batchbook

As a cloud CRM solution, Batchbook helps users keep track of important customers and deals. Main Batchbook Social CRM’s features include: contact details management, a to-do list, social integration, list building and several reporting tools.

Batchbook provides users with different ways to learn about customers, how they are related to each other and what additional steps are needed in order to close the deal. Batchbook’s Task System is capable of assigning tasks to team members, identifying contacts that haven’t corresponded in a while as well as notifying users about who’s currently reaching out to contacts so as to avoid erroneous communication.

One of the other useful features of Batchbook is its option to easily access the communication history with customers. Users can automatically record emails, attachments and chat with colleagues about contacts.

#5 NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM lets users track leads throughout each step of their engagement with a brand. NetSuite includes many necessary options that small businesses need from lead generation to prospect nurturing, sales management, and support. It’s also capable of showing the opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling as well as renewals, which help boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Other features include order management, sales forecasting, and commission management. NetSuite CRM’s dashboard provides an overview of quotes, orders, and sales forecasts. Android, iOS and BlackBerry users can access the latest business reports and calendars.

#6 Nimble

Known as a Relationship Management Platform, Nimble can automatically sync all types of contact data across several channels, including social media. It uses special tools to filter contacts and prospects on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ in order to help users find and close quality opportunities.

Nimble’s team collaboration option lets users see pending tasks and track who is working with each contact. Also, users have the option to have an overview of all of the conversations that have occurred with certain contacts or team members, making it easier to delegate and schedule tasks and meetings within the system.

Nimble’s Daily Digest helps users keep track of new social reminders, job changes, and upcoming meetings in order to eliminate troubles that are associated with juggling important dates and deadlines.

#7 Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is another solution which is preferred amongst small business owners, firstly because of its easy user-interface and a comprehensive set of CRM features at a small-business-friendly price. The system provides the automation features with an ability to nurture leads all the way to closing the sales as well as extra tools like email marketing, billing and project management.

Infusionsoft combines contact management and tools for marketing automation, making it an easy way to grow sales. In addition, Infusionsoft allows users to keep track of contacts, tasks, and appointments. Infusionsoft also automates processes by streamlining lead capturing and email follow-ups, therefore helping users to attract more leads and convert them into customers.

The CRM market is constantly growing and changing which is why companies must consider the most critical points and features that are essential when choosing a CRM solution and remember that this solution has to be adjustable and scalable enough to grow with your business as it expands as well as adapt to a changing business environment.