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How to make leads generation as easy as catching a dodo bird

Every marketer knows that lead generation isn’t as easy as it once was. But imagine if leads generation software could make leads as easy to capture as the infamous dodo bird. The dodo bird is well known for its willingness to be captured, however it wasn’t because it was extremely stupid or suicidal but due to its lack of survival instinct or reflexes that was a result of it having no predators prior to the arrival of humans in its ecosystem. This trusting nature made them incredibly easy to be caught by Dutch settlers.

Unfortunately, leads are a little better at adapting to new circumstances than the dodo. Therefore, it is no surprise that SEO and PPC are harder than ever before due to a combination of it being mined thoroughly and tools like ad blocker which in 2015 grew in adoption by 48% in the U.S. according to PageFair’s 2015 ad blocking report. Along with this, the flooding of inboxes by email have led to the automatic reflex to delete all and custom and default spam filters take care of the rest. In other words, businesses and consumers alike have developed their own digital reflexes meant to protect them from unwanted interactions.

So how are you supposed to break through these automatic reflexes taking place in the digital space and make leads act a little more like the dodo bird? By being greater than just one lead generation software.

While there has been much talk about relationship oriented selling breaks through barriers, in order to be successful at that your different lead generation software needs to have solid connections with each other and be able to take part in each stage of the buyer’s journey. Therefore, the best lead generation software you’re not using in in fact four with integrated approaches that cover the whole buyer’s journey. This includes:

  • Digital analytics
  • Marketing automation software
  • CRM
  • Referral marketing software

4 of the best lead generation software you’re not using together

Digital analytics software – Digital analytics software keeps track of lead generation metrics that are usually part of the beginning of a buyer’s journey. While there are basic analytics like clicks and downloads of assets, make sure that your web analytic software is tracking more advanced metrics that apply to long-term goals. These more advanced metrics include real-time reporting, SEO keyword analyses, and behavioral traffic flow. From this insight you can optimize your website and assets for high-quality traffic.

Unsurprisingly, one of the best digital analytics software is Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides you with important data about the prospects or leads who are visiting your digital presence. Within Google Analytics users can capture advanced insight into how visitors interact with a digital presence, how they arrived, and measure the sales and conversions that occur, along with much more.

Marketing automation software – Marketing automation software automates repetitive marketing tasks to help business get found online and provide advanced analytics and insight into all marketing initiatives in order to optimize and personalize them. Two features that provide this value are lead scoring and lead nurturing. They enables marketers to pinpoint quality leads and understand what stage of the buying process leads are at to nurture them accordingly. Marketers can then place them into campaigns that are personalized to their needs. This lead generation software is often most effective in the middle of the buyers journey after awareness but before they become an SQL, although different features can be applied throughout a customer’s lifetime.

Hubspot is a top marketing automation software for small and medium sized business. With goal-based email nurturing and in-depth analytics along with features that enable marketers to manage and leverage their social media presents, a business can generate greater number of quality leads and help convert them to SQLs, opportunities, and finally, customers.

CRM (Content Relationship Management) – CRM are used by sales to manage and analyze lead and customer interaction, and data throughout the customer life cycle to drive closing of leads and increase sales conversions. However, many times marketers assume that a CRM should be used exclusively by sales but this isn’t necessarily true. The value that a CRM can offer a marketer is in its ability to continue the tracking of MQLs and discover what marketing efforts are producing the leads that convert to customers.

Salesforce provides one of the best CRMs on the market. In addition to keeping track and managing contacts, the Salesforce CRM track sales leads, opportunities, and customers with an ever increasing amount of dedicated integrations. Based on their 2015 customer relationship survey, their CRM has increased sales productivity by 44%, increased win rate by 37%, increased sales by 37%, increased lead conversion by 43% and increased forecast accuracy by 48%.

Referral marketing software – Referral marketing software harness the power of your current customers, partners, and employees’ relationship with their network by incentivizing them to provide a warm introduction that extends the trust of the previously built relationship to include your brand, increasing the likelihood of them buying by 400%, (Nielsen). Your current customers, partners and employees understand who in their network is in market for your product or service to create a 4X higher conversion rate than typical marketing channels. This lead generation software is a powerful part of keeping current customer and partners engaged and can increases referred customer’s lifetime value by 16% compared to non-referred customers (Harvard Business Review).

Amplifinity is one of the top B2B referral marketing platform that creates a dedicated channel for lead generation for companies with direct sales teams. Amplifinity understands the importance of offering an integrated lead generation approach for the whole buyer’s journey and has a deep Salesforce integration through a managed packaged app that brings sales and customer success teams into the process.

Find the best lead generation software for you

There are many types of lead generation software available to enable your lead generation efforts. When deciding what your next investment in lead generation should be make sure your return on investment makes sense. To decide if referral marketing software should be the next lead generation software on you adoption list tryout the ROI calculator to discover what your personal referral ROI could be.

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