valentineNeed last minute Valentine’s day gift ideas for your salespeople and recruiters? We’ve got you covered. We know how essential it is to keep up the energy level in your staffing firm’s office to keep people closing deals and placing top talent. We love how little perks like these can instantly boost team morale, especially in a company culture that is already thriving.

1. Wireless Cell Phone Charger

Your team members are on the phone a lot. In fact, it makes you nervous whenever the office gets a little too quiet and phones aren’t ringing. And in this day and age, with many companies embracing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) work environment, you can bet your salespeople’s cell phones are getting just as much use as your office phones. Which is why a wireless charger is the perfect gift. Let them skip the hassle of plugging in so they can get back to what they do best.

2. Ostrich Pillow

This one is fun and, admittedly, somewhat outlandish. But this travelling pillow is just what your salespeople and recruiters need if they’ve been putting in overtime hours to help your company close deals. Lunchtime nap? Plane ride naps before meeting a client? The Ostrich Pillow is just the thing. Help your team stay well rested and confident in their work-life balance. Check out this fun gift.

3. LinkedIn Upgrade

Honestly, we’d be a little worried if your salespeople and recruiters weren’t on LinkedIn already. We know that using LinkedIn InMail for recruiting is one of the most valuable ways to build your network. You may have even committed some of your budget to using LinkedIn Recruiter. But there are so many ways to leverage this social platform that can really help out your recruiters and salespeople. From promotions and advertising to higher end sales and recruiting packages, it’s an investment that will keep proving its worth time and time again.

4. Voice Recording Pen

Even with the help of hands-free Bluetooth headsets, your salespeople and recruiters may still be scrambling to get down notes from their phone calls with clients and candidates. In face to face meetings and interviews, recording and remembering the details is even trickier. That’s a voice recorder pen is a handy gift idea. This way, your team never misses a beat and can deliver top quality staffing services to their clients and candidates without risking miscommunication.

5. Spa Gift Certificate

You know as well as we do that staffing can be a stressful business. Whether you’re selling or recruiting, it’s a lot of work, deadlines, expectations, and quotas – not to mention the fact that you’re highly dependent upon the mindset and decisions of people outside your authority. If you need a gift idea for your salespeople and recruiters that will help them unwind, de-stress, and come back to work refreshed, then consider a spa gift certificate.


Sometimes the best gift is one that helps your team really take their sales and recruiting to the next level. In our opinion, that would be marketing resources that really work for them. Whether it’s a beautiful, optimized new website or a powerful marketing campaign that helps generate new leads, inbound marketing is the gift that keeps on giving.