Every business requires leads to thrive and how you manage those leads can have a huge impact on growth.  Marketing efforts, advertising and sales calls all help bring leads in but what processes are in place to ensure the leads are being properly worked.  Having a well thought out Lead Management System in place will not only keep your sales reps on pace and organized but will result in more closed deals and a better experience for your prospects.

The easiest and most efficient way to manage leads is through a well built Lead Management Software Solution.  Lead Management Software allows businesses to capture, track and disposition prospects enabling them to follow a sales cycle easily from start to finish.

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Benefits of Lead Management Software:

Importing Leads – Leads can be imported through several methods including a New Lead entry form, excel spreadsheet or through a Web POST.

Disposition – Leads can be assigned pre-defined statuses’ that directly relate to where they are in the Sales life-cycle.  (Ex: Left Message, Sent Contract, Set up Appointment, Etc.)

Follow-Up – Following up on leads is one of the most important steps for a sales representative.  Easily set call-backs and tasks with reminders.

Document Generation and Delivery – Assign, generate and deliver documents specific to the product or service being offered. Delivery options include Mail, Email, and Electronic Signature.

Cross-Sell – Some solutions will allow your reps to transfer prospects through pre-defined Industries for cross-sell opportunities.

Email Templates – Easily set-up pre-defined html email templates so sales can send emails based on a status and communicate directly from the system.

Reports – View sales reports to measure sales performance.  Track lead vendors and marketing campaign results

These are just a few benefits but the possibilities are practically endless.