Bad Quality Content is Costing you IT Sales

When it comes to marketing IT products, content is everything but secondary. In fact, most IT companies rely on content to beef up their lead generation efforts. This explains why the very same companies are directing much of their resources towards improving the way they craft their message.

This shouldn’t be hard. At present, there are a lot of options on the table for marketers to use in their social media campaigns. We have of course an array of visual and informational material to choose from. But, as easy as it sounds, crafting the right infographic or editing the most apt video for your campaign requires some level of caution.

Anyone can craft content. Still, creating content that is enticing as it is relevant is a totally different thing. Unfortunately, not many marketers in the IT industry can see this through.

We all know how good quality content can enhance IT sales. But, what about content that misses the mark?

Here are are some of the ways bad content can turn away IT sales as fast as you can say “content is king!”

#1. It does not hit the right chords.

When it comes to choosing the IT products that fit their enterprise’s needs, your prospects will expect more from what you say than from what you can actually show them. Initial interactions are essential as they will determine future, long-term engagements. But missing out on the key points that your prospects wanted to hear from these initial interactions will eventually turn them off. Your target audience has issues to resolve, and they will certainly ignore anything unrelated.

#2. It’s too darn preachy!

When it comes to interacting with prospects for IT solutions, marketers should craft their message carefully and avoid giving too much away like a desperate suitor! If anything, your target audience prefers to consume information in their own terms, and it won’t help if you insist on spoon-feeding them. The right is actually to keep your audience guessing with little bite-sized pieces of detail. This builds interest and establishes the right conditions for a long-term engagement.

#3. It’s over the top.

As every modern graphic designer will tell you, going minimal is often the right step to creating effective infographics. Decision-makers basically won’t spend too much time looking at the details of your content.

Here’s a fine example.

The Perfect Pour: A Citizen’s Guide [Infographic]

Source: 17 Beautiful Examples Of Clean And Minimal Infographics

So, you need to create visual materials that relay your message succinctly. Your prospects will appreciate you for sparing them the trouble of looking at a nausea-inducing infographic in which you don’t know exactly what is going on.

#4. It’s done sloppily.

Quality surpasses quantity each and every time. And if you opt to increase your sales, you will need to up your content marketing game by applying the best practices in this field. Otherwise, you may want to hire a team of creative individuals who can direct your campaign towards making big bucks.

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