How to be Awesome in Telemarketing Using the Sacred “code” of Barney Stinson

Many people enjoy watching How I Met Your Mother mainly because of the nostalgic theme that it brings to its viewers, mostly from the “Generation X” era.  It’s not as phenomenal as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. But it’s close. One huge reason why this show continues to generate raves and ratings is its characters, notable one fellow named Barney Stinson.

Being the suit-donning, metrosexual, serial playboy of the cast, Barney has gained fame by virtue of a “code” that he religiously follows, whether in dealing with women, friends, and everyday life. He’s written two books about them, affectionately named The Bro Code and The Playbook (both of which have been published – for real – and even made into audiobooks and iPhone apps).

Want to be the “Yoda of awesomeness”? Here’s how you can emulate Barney’s philosophies and use them in your telemarketing efforts:

Ooze with confidence. Barney never hesitates to approach any woman he likes, as he is always self-secured about his skills and qualities. Such confidence is needed to engage with prospects in a telemarketing call, and should be done the way he does it, too. He doesn’t just do all the talking; he also listens – sincerely. He then uses his skills to get all the right signals and position his motives (although, Barney’s agenda are usually a different kind of “business”).

Use your own salvo of pick-up lines. Barney once said to a girl: “You’re the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is my life”. While that is totally inappropriate to say to your prospects over the phone, it’s a perfect example of how Barney uses words to capture the attention (or in his case, affection) of other people. Can you imagine how Barney would start a call?

Wear a suit…of professionalism. Barney wears suits practically wherever he goes (except for funerals, because suits make him “feel happy”). He does this to exude a “civilized” image and also he believes it helps him get the attention of women.  Wearing suits won’t help a telemarketer do good on a call, but it can serve as a metaphor for phone etiquette and professionalism.

Walk the talk. Barney is not just about self-praise and narcissism; he is a well-equipped machine. He speaks Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Korean. He’s also an accomplished magician and piano player. He studied at MIT and now works as an executive at a New York bank. He’s the most financially successful character in the series. Okay, you get the point. Needless to say, telemarketing entails persuasion through words, but it also requires evidence through actions.

This content originally appeared at Callbox Blog.