Mediocrity does make it harder to generate sales leads. And in software, professionals in the industry are no strangers to see things grow boring. Though according to many gurus, this is where innovation and creativity are truly tested. Still, what does it mean to attract either consumers or sales leads with ‘different’ experiences?

The Value Of Different Experiences For Processing Sales Leads

In entertainment, you never run out of establishments or organizations who want to offer a different experience (be it gaming, TV shows, amusement parks etc). This also extends to software. A different sort of software features can stand out of the usual drivel that many people shy away from. In turn, such an approach can also attract sales leads from businesses who want the same experience for their customers.

However, just because an experience is ‘different’ does not mean it will be a viable idea for either attracting your business leads or regular consumers. The following questions have to be asked in order to test the real value of such a ‘different’ experience:

  • What makes it different? – Take Universal Studios’ latest ride, Revenge of the Mummy. As an in-house roller-coaster, it offers a different experience than the usual. It is scary, fast-paced, but at the same time, it makes heavy use of props, projections, and special effects. What about you? Can you coherently state the difference between the usual way you create software or process sales leads?

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  • What does this difference accomplish? – This question is closer to determining the core value of the ‘different experience’ you are marketing. For consumers, it might be another means of feeling very entertained, interested, or intrigued about a certain product. For software sales leads though, it is much sterner. Will this boost your prospect’s own sales? Increase brand awareness? Establish an identity?
  • Is it still the same in the end? – Beware, this is actually a double-edged question. Saying no may not be in your best interests whether it is sales leads or quality medical software, manufacturing management software, accounting software. You see, having the same goal can actually be a good thing. Take this other example: the Fatal Frame video game series. This horror franchise still scares but with the unique approach of making you take the scariest ghost pictures just to survive.

As you can see, the value of a trickier approach to sales leads is a lot harder to determine than those who are just enthralled with marketing something ‘different.’ And beware, you might get fewer sales leads (if any at all) unless you figure out the whole point of being this ‘different’ for software sales lead generation.