Are your sales representatives the CEOs of their territories? Do they posses the right combination of vision and attention to detail? More importantly, have they been given the tools and the systems necessary to empower them to succeed?

If the answer to those question is “no,” the next question is “Why not?”… Quickly followed by “What will it take to get them there?”

What it takes, in fact, is a combination of the 3T’s – Time, Tools and Tasks.

  • Time – After accounting for time spent traveling, in meetings, taking care of administrative tasks, there needs to be adequate time set aside each week to touch new contacts and work towards the goal of 100% territory coverage.
  • Tools – Not on only do the tools need to be there (CRM System, Referrals, Leads from Marketing, Sales Collateral, Networking Events, Trade Shows, etc.) they need to be mastered and used to maximum benefit.
  • Tasks – Each representative should understand which core activities produce the highest return for their time and effort and work accordingly. All activities and their results should be tracked in order to optimize performance over time.

Ultimately, all three of these T’s will fall on the reps. They can use their time wisely (or not), they can master the tools they are given (or not) and they can get what they need to get done (or not). Where management comes in is providing the infrastructure and the accountability – the, framework, tools, training and overall support system as well as the reporting, metrics and ongoing feedback necessary for the reps to master their territory and reach the goal of 100% coverage.

Too often, companies looking to increase revenue hire a sales representative and then cut them loose and expect them to produce. Anyone can get lucky some of the time, but the reality is that for real and consistent sales results, it is incumbent on management to set up the system in which the reps will thrive.

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