Sales leads do not have to cost you so much if you know a makeshift approach to acquiring them. Besides, such an approach is not uncommon in the commercial cleaning industry where workers sometimes have to put something together to get one last job done. Still, the very fact that something is makeshift means it is not the best quality. Do you still want to attract sales leads that way?

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Get Sales Leads By Mastering Makeshift Marketing Tools

The key is mastery (and always has been). Saving and spending money is not always an option (especially when your need for cleaning leads just fell on you all of a sudden). And even if you currently feel confident about finding sales leads the normal way, you still can never tell when you will get the business equivalent to Castaway. Best be prepared so that your flow of sales leads remains stable and uninterrupted.

So, how do you get about mastering this art of makeshift marketing and maintaining the quality of your sales leads?

  • Control costs – Costs will be the first thing you will worry about because the very premise of using makeshift tools (marketing or otherwise) is born from having limited resources. When you find yourself in a situation where your sales leads have become too expensive, it is not just about setting the cost lower. You need to measure the different effects of each level lower than your usual spending.
  • Avoid crudeness – This is where the art part comes in. Do you fear that resorting to inbound telemarketing makes you look cheap? Eliminate the ‘looking cheap’ part and yes, you can do that without either going back on your telemarketing decision or giving up on your sales leads. Make sure that your tools remain as good and reliable as they can be, despite being makeshift.
  • Use it to spring back – The dictionary definition of makeshift implies it to be temporary. This remains to apply to any makeshift method you use to generate sales leads. Sticking to what is cheap may prove your fears about the bad quality in the long run. Therefore, make the most of any success you make now by using it to regain lost resources and spring back to business as usual.

Being able to improvise is not only critical to staying alive in a typical disaster or survivalist situations. The art of using makeshift tools demonstrates itself in a lot of businesses. Unfortunately, people fail to appreciate this by thinking of it as just another way poor businesses create cheap sales leads for themselves.

It does not have to be that way! Take more control of costs, avoid crudeness like the plague, and focus on using your makeshift business lead generation strategy to spring yourself back!

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