Sometimes sales leads can feel like finding needles in a hay stack. When you have to go through so many business contacts and long lists just to hear a positive, you have to wonder just who in their right mind would want to do that all day? Well, like it or not, somebody has got to do it or else your cleaning business could suffer in an age where technology enables faster business connections and fewer sales leads to those who cannot keep up.

Technology: That Which Could Find Or Give Away Your Sales Leads

Sales Leads, Cleaning Sales Leads, Lead GenerationOn further reflection though, perhaps it would be better if finding sales leads was exactly like needles in a haystack. You are not the only ones looking for them after all. Your competitors need sales leads too. What is risky though is that they may know that technology can be their friend or foe in the competition. Do not forget that business leads come from prospects who are looking for a provider, regardless of who gets to them first.

In other words, it is a race to use technology as a means to solve the ancient, idiomatic riddle of the haystack needles. You need to start playing this game if you do not want your sales leads found ahead of you!

  • It is not the size of the stack – Do not be fooled by the size of the stack. Even the largest list could only yield fewer sales leads. Whether you learn your competitors outsource or conduct their own lead generation campaign, do not be so sure of the outcome when they provide or request they search for sales leads in a large pool.
  • It may be the size of the company – A bigger concern could be the size of your competitor. They could have the resources to thoroughly go through databases of any size. This may not guarantee them more qualified sales leads than you but it is better to expand your resources than to carelessly increase the size of your target market. Try to do a bit of outsourcing if you feel like a larger competitor is outgunning you.
  • It is most likely because of the market – Speaking of which though, your target market is the best indicator of all on how large your list should be and how large your chances of cleaning sales leads really are. When you target a particular market, you are essentially identifying prospects based on not just budget but also needs, how those needs relate to industry etc.
  • It is equally likely due to your lead generation skills – Targeting is just one of the skills necessary to qualify office cleaning leads and/or residential cleaning leads. Large or small, outsourced or in-house, you will need a strong combination of communication skills and tools to really prevent typical marketing blunders and spark prospect interest. For example, follow-up strategies and tools can help make the most of your time as initial contacts can be made rapidly in a single day.

So to review, the factors that should be the least of your concern is the size or length of their contact information, as well as the size of their company while the real obstacle to your cleaning lead generation campaign could be from prospects who know how to search and what to search with when looking for needles in a haystack.

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