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Your appointment setting strategy does not always have to view vacation seasons with enmity. On the contrary, your commercial cleaning firm might actually fare well by helping prospects take a vacation instead of wishing they were around the office longer just to receive your phone or email. Your appointment setting strategy can benefit from people out of that office just as easily.

Use An Appointment Setting Strategy That Offers Aid Or Supplements To A Workplace’s Vacation Plans

First, one thing you might be overlooking is that vacations need a bit of planning as well. And whenever plans are made, an appointment setting strategy is your only means of connecting with a prospect prior to their flight to their holiday destination without disrupting those plans. Speaking of which though, what are the things you can present in your appointment setting strategy that will get you business while they are away?

  • Taking over work while they are gone – Sometimes even those with their own cleaning personnel can still qualify for cleaning leads provided that those personnel are taking their own break. Janitors and other general service workers are still human after all. Why not set out with an appointment setting campaign that offers a cost-effective substitute for the type being?
  • Increasing awareness of too much work – Some people might think that your appointment setting campaign is just a scheme to keep them from working and earning money. Such attitudes are often prevalent among those who think things like summer does not always mean no work. However, the message you send could argue otherwise when the effects of too much work are also undesirable.
  • Being an emergency option in case of sudden changes – Sometimes things happen in a business that compels them to change their schedule immediately. This sudden (yet long overdue) rush to take a breather could leave a prospect with lesser time to think. Your appointment setting strategy should be the first to present itself so you are not only convenient, you quickly make a connection at the same time!
  • Work with those who only work for those on vacation – Finally, how can you forget the many industries that cater to those taking on vacation? You think beach resorts, hotels, and amusement parks have no commercial cleaning needs? Of course they do. Why then are they not considered prospects for appointment setting? Vacation seasons could be a busy time of year for them as well!

The only thing that really does not take a vacation is the appointment setting process itself. Not even the people you hire or outsource to run it are always working round the clock. Shift the focus of your cleaning lead generation campaign to those who really need a vacation.