When it comes to marketing and appointment setting, people have come to develop a black-and-white view regarding business image. On one side, you have people who think image is everything and do everything to preserve it to make sure future appointment setting campaigns are a success. On the other end, there are those who do not care for image and see it as a shallow excuse to forsake real business values.

Your Appointment Setting Strategy Should See It Both Ways

The truth is image does have an impact on your appointment setting success. But on the flip side, it is also a fact that what forms an image is not just marketing techniques or pitches. They are driven by the business values themselves!

For example, suppose you work in tax consulting. Your appointment setting campaign is meant to show your market (and to an extent, the rest of the world) that your understanding is reliable and you can keep your company in line with the law. And while your tax consulting leads are important, you are not afraid to say things that can potentially turn off so long as they stand by your business values.

That is what it truly means to have an image. Your appointment setting campaign should not be denied something that they can hold up proudly for your prospects to see. It carries benefits that are staple to B2B marketing campaigns such as:

  • Rooting out bad prospects from the start – Prospects who feel ‘turned off’ by your image might as well not have been suitable for appointment setting to begin with. For tax consulting, that is a good thing. The only compromise you will make is the one where you give in and go back on what you have said.
  • Cements the standard you must live up to – Again, you must practice what you preach. It then follows that the more you preach via your appointment setting strategy, the more you have to practice. Even if you make mistakes, you stand better to own up and improve instead of covering up. What some perceive as forsaking is actually preserving!
  • Builds trust and strengthens business relationships – Only a false image stands counter to the concept of trust, not the idea of having an image that prospects can look up to. For real success in appointment setting, trust is necessary. Without it, the business relationships you have built with the appointment setting process are not going to last long.

By its very nature, the process of appointment setting requires a marketing image. Do not be deceived into looking down on the importance of sales lead generation because you do not think image matters. It actually does but just so happens that there is more to preserving it.