Sales leaders shared their most pressing challenges and got best practices from two of the industry’s top sales experts in a live QA in this Ask the Expert webinar “The Health of Your Sales Team.” Ask the Expert host Ralph Lentz and Lori Harmon, best-selling author of “42 Rules for Building a High-Velocity Inside Sales Team,” provided a boon of information for inside sales leaders, answering key questions that included:

How can I help my reps spend more time on the phone with prospects?

We all know that today’s sales reps can be bogged down by non-selling activities. Sales leaders say their reps have too many meetings, distractions, and administrative tasks – taking them away from valuable calling time. Sixty-five percent of a sales rep’s time is spent on activities that don’t generate new deals! Some tips to maximize your sales reps’ calling time?

  • Keep meeting time for reps to two hours per week maximum,
  • Give reps training on time management skills,
  • Automate, automate, and automate!

How can I ensure my sales team is using consistent messaging?

Training and role playing, monitoring calls and giving feedback, written call scripts – all are good ways to ensure consistent messaging. Email templates are another great way to help your team stay on message. With email templates for different stages of the purchasing process, you can help sales reps use consistent messaging while giving them the ability to personalize engagement.

What are the 2-3 tools you’d recommend for a newly formed SDR team to make an impact fast?

#1. A CRM system to place and track all of their calls.

#2. Tools to provide sales intelligence. You can’t get started without sales intelligence tools. Reps need the ability to uncover other stakeholders in the process and get insights about a prospect’s interest and interest level.

#3. Tools to do outreach on social media with access to premium accounts on LinkedIn.

How can sales leaders use contests to motivate the inside sales team?

Contests are great to bring out the competitive nature of inside sales reps! Plus, they don’t have to be overly complicated or expensive to work well. Prizes can be as simple as cash or movie tickets.

Listen to the webinar and learn best practices for creating a sales contest, plus real-world case studies, and answers to other  key concerns for sales leaders, including:

  • How can I improve my forecasting accuracy?
  • What should I examine and measure in the funnel?
  • What metrics should I be tracking as an inside sales manager?

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