9 Secrets of a Successful Sales LetterMost entrepreneurs spent years working long hours to reach the success they have today, and lot’s of failure along the way too. And, there is always a shortcut to success, as I have discussed in my previous blog posts.

Usually, it takes years of trial and error to figure out these secrets. And having a bad sales page is not going to do you any favors, only cause you more grief seeing sales and conversions going down the tube.

So let’s see what I can do to help you to improve that…and improve conversions

While the secrets I’m going to share really are not too secret after all, but these are tips that I have implemented into my business to make it a success. If you have created an original information product or identified an affiliate product you want to promote, you have completed half your task as an Entrepreneur, and the other half is the presentation to your customers, your sales page.

Here are some useful tips for doing just that…here’s an example.

Use Video In Your Sales Letter

One of the things I notice is the lack of using video on sales pages. Not only are you coughing up conversions, you are also forgetting that video is the best way to present yourself and whatever it are your selling. People like watching real people on video and can make a big impact on their buying decision.

One of the best course out there for creating a video series for your company and your personal brand is James Wedmore with 48-hour film school and can be found here if you’re interested in creating a 5 part video series, highly recommended.

Use A Picture Of Yourself

This is really east to overlook, no picture on your sales page. Using a nice picture with a nice smile goes a long way to creating trust and people like knowing who they are buying from. So use a picture.

Sales Page Defined

A sales page essentially is an advertisement for your product. But unlike traditional print advertising like a newspaper or magazine ad or a television or radio commercial, your sales page has to not only explain what your product is all about but also convince the prospective customers reading it that it is essential that they buy your product. As such, sales pages don’t so much suggest as they demand.

If you are just starting out in online marketing, you probably don’t have a big marketing budget.

Creating an effective sales letter is the perfect option for a low-cost or no-cost Internet marketing campaign because you can use squeeze pages, Search Engine Optimization, and other no-cost techniques to attract traffic to you sales page.

Sales Page Structure

Once visitors find your sales page, it should follow a predictable structure. Remember that your readers arrived at your sales page by following a link on your squeeze page or by clicking on a URL on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your product’s niche.

If you present your readers with the structure that is unfamiliar they very likely will click off your page immediately. If your sales page looks like a lot of other sales page, don’t worry: Your customers arrived there because they are looking specifically for the kinds of products you are promoting.

Now all you have to do is to use the copy on your sales page to convince them to do what they already want to do in the first place.

Write Catchy Headlines

The headline on our sales page is your first opportunity to draw your readers into your text. It should get right to the point and use direct, active language to engage your readers. I’m usually pretty good for crafting a unique eyeball catching title, that stands out and portrays what I’m talking about. Include a keyword (s) in your headline is also a smart idea.

Because you have only a moment or two to connect with your readers, you want to use your headline to express a powerful result: What is it that your product is going to do to improve your readers’ lives.

In other words, let your prospective customers know right away why they can’t live without your product. In addition to using action words in your headline, try to include emotionally stirring language so your headline “pops” off the page and immediately connects with your readers.

Create Demand

Beneath your headline, you want to provide details about your product that are going to make it irresistible to your readers. In the first section, you want to set up a common problem that your readers may have. Then introduce your product as the best and possibly the only solution for that problem.

Near the end of your sales letter, you want to incentivize your readers to purchase your product. One of the best ways to do this is to create scarcity. Tell your readers there is only a limited number of your product available if it is going to be unavailable in the very near future, or come up with another way to motivate your readers to act immediately otherwise they may risk not having access to your product again.

Having a product that the marketplace truly wants and desires also creates demand, and demand creates sales.

Bonuses, Upsells, And Back-End

You can add value to your product by including one to three free bonuses that your customers will receive when they purchase your product. Typically, you want to mention what each bonus is worth so that later you can show how much buyers are getting for their money.

Upsells and back-end offers are secondary offers that are made after your customer already has decided to purchase your product. Usually, after they submit their payment information, they are taken to another screen where you can offer them more – usually higher priced – products that are related to your original product.

This is an absolute must and needs to have a high-ticket item included in your business model. For my business, I use a funnel (s) to start with my own product up front then graduate into a high-ticket item that people can add into their business investment. It’s more money but a ton more value and learn things that the top marketers use and implement into their 6 or 7 figure businesses.

  • Note that in today’s marketplace you need a high ticket, upsells and time sensitive bonuses item to compete and scale up faster than your competition.

The Guarantee

You almost always want to offer an unconditional 30- or 60-day guarantee. This removes any risk for the customer.

Including these familiar elements to your sales page will help convert visitors into customers. Also besides a guarantee you really need to stress that you will be there and committed to your customer.

Use Testimonials

And my last tip on creating an effective sales letter is using real customers testimonials. Customers that love your product and had results from it should be advocating other people that this product is a winner, and silently they are doing the selling for you and adding credibility to you.

And I did say “real”. The worst anyone can do is create false testimonies, which will backfire on you worse that your first car you got in high school.

And real ones give your cold customers confidence to buy, it’s that simple.

That’s all I have for today’s post on creating the effective sales letter that convert. Any questions leave a comment below and I’d be happy to answer you!