The one certain thing about sales is that nothing is in fact certain. The beauty is there are no two prospective clients exactly alike. Each agency will demand a new technique, an opportunity for something fresh.

When it comes to improving on a pitch for potential new business, try out these eight tips:

  1. Avoid Taking A Shortcut

If you are trying to rush a clients’ decision into closing quicker chances are you will end up with no deal at all. This process may require time on their end and going back to what we touched on earlier it will vary from client-to-client. Pushing a client to sign because you’re behind on your numbers will most likely scare them away.

  1. Keep It Simple

Be aware of where you are in the sales process. Overreaching for a pledge that you are still working on earning can bring about an abrupt stop to the clients interest. Feel things out as you go along with the knowledge that a simple sales pitch is your best sales pitch.

  1. Follow Up With Confidence

Check-in on your clients, even on the little commitments you have made with them. This will prove to them that you not only care, it also shows you are detailed oriented and can be counted on throughout the sales process.

  1. Make A Connection

The reality of sales is not all leads will be the ideal fit for your product. The best part about this is that it means you are one step closer to finding an agency that is a great fit. Give the potential client a compelling reason to change and leave it at that.

  1. Get To Know Your Prospect(s)

Get to know the prospective agency you will be talking with. Your pitch will come across with much more confidence and purpose if you are aware of their work and how they can benefit from the product you’re offering.

  1. Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Ask as many questions as you can, then ask more. You have probably already done your discovery work on the potential client so this will only strengthen your conversation. Find out why it is what they do and how they remain passionate about it.

  1. Create A Value

Let the prospect know how the value your agency will complement their services. Get to know their identity as a company, it will help you to further this pitch and tailor it to potential clients. Prove that your services would provide a great addition and explain how this will be done.

  1. Get Excited About Your Product

Be prideful of the agency you are representing and share that excitement with a prospect. Whether it is a fancy ROI calculator or a reference from a current client – provide some evidence as to why you are successful and how you will help them continue to reach success.

Sales can be up and down, but each opportunity is a chance to learn from the previous one. If you find yourself falling into one of the categories above, try a different approach to it. I’m not saying it will double your close rate, though I think it will help to create a solid pipeline of prospects.

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