7 Sales Enablement Tools Everyone Is Talking About

7 Sales Enablement Tools Everyone Is Talking About

Sales enablement tools can improve the performance of your sales department, enhance productivity and boost your revenue.

76% of marketers responsible for content forget about the benefits of sales enablement. However, companies with strong Sales and Marketing alignment can achieve up to a 20% annual growth rate, compared to companies with a poor alignment that face 4% annual revenue loss.

If you’re ready to automate your sales processes to achieve even greater results, you need to understand your prospects and customers and be ready to implement sales enablement best practices (i.e., tools and strategy) when communicating with your customers.

In this article, let’s talk about the 7 sales enablement tools you should be using to drive significant sales results in your business.

1. Attach.io

Attach.io is a sales enablement tool that enables you to identify your most engaged leads and close more deals.


This case scenario explains how Attach.io works:

You have been talking to a prospect and they tell you to send your proposal or document over. You send it via email, excited. But then other worries set in.

Will they check your document or was it just an attempt to get you off their back? Will they pass the document on to other decision-makers in the company?

How would you like to eliminate these worries? Well, this is what Attach.io does for you. It helps you to track if your document was opened, what pages were checked, and the time spent on each page of the document.


With this, you can gain insights into how engaged they are with your proposal. You can also know if they’re checking the most important parts of the document that you want them to.


According to Marketing Sherpa, only 27% of leads are sales-ready. It’s important to detect the sales-ready leads before selling to them.

That’s not all. You can also know if your document has been passed around and to how many people. This can give you information to determine when and how to follow up with your prospects.

Base, a CRM software company uses Attach for real-time notifications; it helps them to follow up on their prospects via phone calls at the ideal time.


2. Unboxed Advisor

To help you sell your complicated products, Unboxed Advisor has five technologies that make life easier for your sales reps.


It offers interactive demos which explains the important features of your product through a simple and visual channel.

Its guided selling tool gives your sales reps recommendations about actions to take while guiding the customers through the purchase process. This makes your sales reps more effective and most importantly, improve customer satisfaction.

Below is an example of an interactive app Advisor built for Samsung to guide its sales reps.


Unboxed Advisor also has a content library which replaces the traditional brochure. This provides all the important information that sales reps may need while trying to sell to a potential customer. The library also has the important documents that a sales rep may need to share with prospects.

Health and Wellness

Its powerful reporting tool helps you track what happens during the sales process. What are the questions your customers have about your product? What other related product can you recommend to them?

It has a lightweight CRM that allows you to manage relationships with your customers.

Apart from these, Unboxed Advisor makes all these even easier as it allows you to use the tool offline. You can sync all the information you enter when you go online.

You can also use it on your mobile device. It serves as a training tool especially for new sales reps who are still inexperienced about handling customers.

Unboxed Advisor claims its tool increase your year-on-year sales by up to 60% and rep productivity by up to 40%.

Increase your sales

Interestingly, this was the result Comcast achieved when it used the sales enablement tool.

3. Bambu

Bambu gives you a platform where your employees can share the right content for your customers at the right time to various social media channels. Employee advocacy is an important part of sales, today. That’s why 31% of high-growth firms have a plan in place to exploit it.

Why? Because an average person spends over an hour on various social media platforms daily. People are also 16 times more likely to read a post from a friend than a brand. Brand messages get reshared 24 times more when shared by employees vs when shared by brand.

Friends vs. Brands

This makes these platforms an opportunity for your employees to reach more of your customers. Apart from giving you brand exposure to quality leads, Bambu also improves internal communication and engage your workforce.

Through social selling, you can gain quality leads and increase conversions. You can also recruit talents for your business and improve the satisfaction of current employees by sharing engaging content via these social platforms.

Bambu has built-in tools for social engagement and gives insights through the analytics of your content on social media.

Bambu Report

By leveraging Bambu, BlueGrace Logistics got 3 million impressions and 180%+ increase in Web traffic.

4. Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is a powerful tool that delivers AI-empowered deep understanding of what makes your content unique, relevant, and successful, and guides you on how to perfect it.

Atomic Reach

In other words, it helps you to get the best out of your blog and social media engagement data.

The Atomic Reach writer uses machine learning software to help you write content that will convey your brand message clearly to your blog readers and social media followers.

Great Content

To use this tool, write or paste your content into the editor. After this, pick your audience.


Calculate the rating of your content. If the score exceeds the atomic reach score of your target audience, you’re good to go. You can also make other changes like reducing paragraph density, changing ambiguous words, and so on.

The Scheduler uses the smart blog post sharing software to distribute your articles on social media at the right time for maximum engagement. It uses statistics about how your audience has interacted with your content in the past, to pick the best time.


Its intelligent insights dashboard helps to track post performance and use predictive analytics to make changes to your content. This helps you to get a better result from your content.

Average Page Views

5. Sitecore

Sitecore helps you to deliver a personalized experience to your customers on your website. You can create and manage communities like forums and blogs to engage your customers more.

With details like page views per visit, bounce rate, monetary value per visit, conversion rate, etc. you can get insights into your prospect’s behavior.


Sitecore also detects your prospect’s device automatically to deliver the best experience to them on your website. You can register a campaign at its beginning and track the conversions.

This tool helps to make your website ready to convert as many prospects as possible.

When L’Oréal decided to use Sitecore as its digital platform, it had a unified, consistent digital presence across all brands and reduced page load time from 7 seconds to below 3 seconds.

6. Crazy Egg

Many times you optimize a page due to an assumption that most customers will visit the page and spend more time on it. But your assumption may be wrong and they may dwell on another page instead.

Crazy Egg takes the assumptions out of your decision-making process. With its heat map, you can see the most engaged sections of your website. This information helps you to optimize the busiest pages to convert more visitors.


You’ll also get the information of where your visitors are coming from and other information about your visitors in one report. You can perform A/B tests with elements on your website to know the ones with the best performance.


You can also record the mouse movements of visitors on your website. This gives you the insight of how visitors navigate your website. You get to know the portions of your website or post that has the highest engagement.

SEO Optimazation

This helps you to analyze the content on your website and write posts that have a better chance of converting your prospects to customers.

Conversion rate experts got 25% more opt-ins through the use of CrazyEgg.

7. Agile CRM

Agile CRM has many features that can make your sales process as easy and effective as possible. These features include adding contacts for sales enablement, adding tags and filters, appointment scheduling, email sync, calendar sync, and deals.

Agile CRM

You can add your prospect’s contact information manually or import as a CSV file or sync from another app. It’s a simple way to have prospects’ information in one place and make it easier to track.

Agile Contacts

You can also tag a single contact or a group as you need to.


With appointment scheduling, you can add your calendar to the CRM software. This helps you to track your interactions with prospects. It makes the process more organized and effective.

Right in the software, you can see your next appointment with a prospect, check for more information about your previous interactions with the prospect and what preparations you need before your next interaction.

Calendar Agile

‘Deal Tracks’ helps you to follow up with your prospects and current customers. You can easily track performance with the software. You can also add milestones to know the present stage of each prospect. The milestones include new, prospect, proposal, won, and lost. You can add other milestones if you need them.

Agile CRM also makes this information available to both sales and marketing departments — which improves your customer service.

MarketingProfs found that companies with well-aligned sales and marketing teams have 36% higher customer retention and get 38% increase in sales win-rates.

When Clicdata wanted to track prospects effectively and synchronize sales and marketing teams, they used Agile CRM. This led to 90% increase in lead follow-up and 30% increase in sales conversion.


To record dramatic sales consistently, you can’t depend on human instinct alone, you need data and information about your prospects. According to Forbes Insights, two-thirds of company executives are seeing new customers as a result of data-driven initiatives.

That’s why it’s vital for you to use a sales enablement tool to reach, attract, communicate, and convert prospects while leaving them satisfied with your service. I’d say it’s worth a try.

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