Sales is hard work.

Without a proper understanding of the target audience, proper messaging to address pain points, and context and insights for personalized offers… it becomes very hard work.

With huge competition across every market, salespeople need to pay closer attention to processes that really help selling. They should eliminate manual work and all the actions that distract from selling to give them the best chance for success.

Salespeople spend lots of time on Gmail, interacting with partners; handling tons of emails and tasks. Gmail holds the second position in the market share of web-based email services for both personal and business purposes. In the latter case, Gmail acts as a corporate mail service; a database for contacts and correspondence with customers and partners.

Based on this, why not automate the processes in Gmail that can be? The ones that can be performed without heavy user-involvement of a person, who can then focus on sales-helping processes instead. This gives businesses an advantage over competitors, leading to customer satisfaction. Ultimately, sales workflows are standardised and optimised to achieve maximum effectiveness.

In this article, we look at Gmail-integrated tools to reprogramme your email client into a selling machine.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool built inside Gmail. It recently launched extended functionality, completing its evolution from CRM system to dedicated growth platform. The new functionality automates sales, marketing, and business processes.

“Workflows” uses rule-based logic and assigns tasks based on user-set rules. It saves salespeoples’ time from data entry and lead nurturing, eliminates errors, and boosts cross-team productivity. It allows users to better manage their customer relationships, drive engagement further, and close more deals, utilising automated workflows directly out of their existing Gmail inbox.

Andrei Petrik, CEO and co-founder at NetHunt tells us… “There are no complex integrations; no need to be a coding wizz. Everything you need is there in a simple constructor with an intuitive interface. All you need is an understanding of your business processes and some creativity. Workflows takes the hard work out of working hard”.

NetHunt tracks the entire customer journey from initial touch points to closing sales and sending personalized content, based on custom parameters.

NetHunt automation features include…

  • Webforms to capture leads and enrich their CRM records with available data. Depending on the goal of the form, data can include prospect names, emails, landing pages they registered at, referrers, subscription types, and any other data you include in the webform.
  • Drip campaigns to nurture leads. Create custom workflows with actions triggered by sales activity, CRM data updates, or lead actions.
  • Sales pipeline automation. Visualize and automate customer journeys with engagement flows and triggers to move them down the funnel.
  • Automated linking of email conversations and chat messages to client profiles, keeping ‘Records’ up-to-date.
  • Triggered notifications and alerts for accounts that require special attention. Whenever something noteworthy happens with a lead, deal, or customer, a notification is sent.

NetHunt allows you to create a high-touch customer experience with no-touch sales workflows.


Signing tons of documents can be a real pain for salespeople; HelloSign takes the pain away. It helps sign multiple documents yourself or to request signatures from up to 20 different people via email. It only takes 30 seconds, using your existing Gmail inbox. After the document gets signed, all the users involved get a digital copy delivered to their inbox.

HelloSign also adds eSignatures to documents that are stored in Google Drive and within other Google Workspace products.

Automation functionality of HelloSign includes…

  • Finding and signing documents without leaving Gmail. No need to print, sign, scan, and send actions.
  • Single set up of commonly-used documents with signature, merge, and text fields to use them repeatedly.
  • One-to-many simultaneous, or specific order, signing without a sending salesperson involved.
  • Integration with Slaesforce to send documents out for signature without leaving your CRM.

Cirrus Insight

Salespeople know all too well the amount of partner phone calls involved with the job.. Scheduling appointments can be time-consuming in terms of back-and-forth emails. Not to mention booking appointments between different time zones. Holy Moly, it can take ages to negotiate.

With Cirrus Insights, appointment scheduling is fast and easy. The great thing about Cirrus Insight is that it integrates with your Google Calendar and every meeting gets automatically added. As a result, you never miss a meeting; you never get double booked.

Cirrius Insight’s automation includes:

  • Follow-up reminders to never miss another opportunity.
  • Schedule emails for delivery at the right time, increasing the chances of email opens.
  • Drip campaigns to automatically offer a time to meet in the middle of your nurturing sequence.
  • Instant customer and company information next to emails, saving time from finding relevant info and communication history.


Sortd is another tool that brings order to your inbox. It organises emails into pipelines, right in Gmail. These pipelines are similar to one you would find in sales, where you have a corresponding, step-by-step process and need to track every deal at each stage. This tool is pretty useful for sales managers who interact through email with several different categories of respondents, simultaneously.

With Sortd, your inbox looks like a Trello-esque to-do list, where all your emails are tasks with respective stages and details. It’s easy to transform any email into a task and never forget a thing. If you’ve ever missed a deadline with an invoice, Sortd makes sure it never happens again. Finally, the drag and drop functionality makes it an easy-to-use, intuitive tool.


Sales Handy is a sales automation and behavior tracking tool which integrates with Gmail. It maximizes sales results, saving time by sending personalized emails in bulk. Afterwards, the tool provides performance analytics and insight into the most engaged prospects.

Once you’ve sent the first email, you can set automatic follow-up emails to increase the chances of a response. On top of that, SalesHandy has behavioral trigger conditions that can be used to set follow-ups.

Automation features that SalesHandy offers…

  • Multi-stage, automatic follow-ups for single email to eliminate the manual work. You can create a personalized email sequence template and include it in your email, straight from your Gmail compose box.
  • Email templates with the ability to share them with your colleagues. Get template analytics to find which template works better.
  • Mass email campaigns with mail merge functionality to personalize each individual’s email.

SalesHandy turns your email inbox into a growth engine.

If you’re involved in sales, you probably subscribe to dozens of emails for sales tips, live event invites, and industry updates.

Similarly, you might download sales enablements and unwittingly subscribe to competitors’ company updates. It’s tempting to spend time every day choosing dozens of promotional emails in your inbox and simply marking them as ‘read’. eliminates the need for this temptation. It cleans subscriptions and deletes promotional emails in one click. If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of emails in your inbox, it’s best to implement Unroll to group and prioritise email subscriptions. Organise your shopping deals or social media notifications in separate newsletters and receive them once a day.

So here we are! By now you have all the tools to pump your sales process up and automate routine activities. Focus more on content optimization to address the pain points of your target buyers; put more time in your day.

The tools mentioned above save hours of manual data entry, embarrassing errors, and routine work to help you streamline your sales outreach. The best thing is, you can do it all without leaving your inbox.