Sales Enablement Sales enablement leaders are a diverse breed of professionals that require a broad set of very particular skills. Part strategist, coach, and leader, with equal parts psychologist, data scientist, and terrestrial navigator. And every sales enablement leader should want these key components to enable them to achieve their desired business outcomes.


Aligning teams, processes, and systems to navigate the ever changing selling landscape is a key initiative for sales enablement. That alignment starts with people and teams. The most successful sales organizations are those that successfully and consistently align cross-functionally across all groups, not just marketing. Equally important is aligning those teams leveraging technology to drive consistent process execution.


Optimizing and “un-training” sales teams is another important function for sales enablement. I say un-training on purpose, as ongoing training and coaching today is more fluid with the buying landscape constantly evolving and changing. For sales enablement leaders, this means ongoing maintenance of the sales organization and sometimes fixing things before they really break, to prevent the cascading effect that creates other issues in the selling process.


Less about seeing into the future with a crystal ball, sales enablement leaders need to constantly look back to see where they’ve been so when looking farther forward they can identify forecasting pitfalls. For any organization, it is extremely difficult to predict future quarters. However, with trends analysis and a keen eye of buying patterns, sales enablement can help sales leaders see further ahead in order to plan for today.

Swiss Army Knife

It’s not about that one tool to solve everything, but rather the right solution to solve specific problems. Sales enablement can leverage technology solutions that zero in on specific challenges such as on-boarding or process optimization, and in doing so strengthen their arsenal to better support the sales organization.

Measuring Tape

Constantly measuring and communicating effectiveness enables sales organizations to improve. Fundamental to this is sales enablement technology that provides the foundation for alignment, visibility, and measurement. Having the proper foundation in processes and technology enables more accurate measurement.

Teddy Bear

Well, who doesn’t like a teddy bear? Seriously. But to the point, sales enablement leaders have a daunting job – align people, processes, and technologies in a way that effectively contributes to the top line while identifying problems before they become large problems and fix them, and ensure accurate forecasting by equipping teams with all the right tools and measure the effectiveness of all aspects of the sales organization. Now breathe – and hug your teddy bear.