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There are all sorts of things your company should be doing to help make a sale. Likewise, there are all sorts of things that your company shouldn’t be doing if you want to make a sale. One thing to watch out for is the type of phrases or vocabulary you’re using with your customers or leads. While it’s true that conversations differ from person to person, there are some things that should still never be said.

1. “Don’t worry”

Never in the history of humankind has an individual who felt worried, that was told not to worry, actually didn’t worry. Even if your personal life, this might be one of those phrases you want to avoid saying as often as possible. This is especially true if you don’t know the client that well. Saying this can make them feel belittled, which is definitely not how you want them to feel before trying to make a sale. Instead, try saying, “I understand your concerns and we will do our best to accommodate you.”

phrases, sales, marketig

2. “As I told you before”

I know several people that would cringe if they heard a salesperson say this to a customer. If you were interested in a product and the company said this phrase, would it really be a company you want to buy something from, let alone interact with? Telling your customer, “As I told you before,” makes them feel as if they are incompetent. Replace this with something like, “You can stop me if I’ve already mentioned this.”

3. “Correct me if I’m wrong”

Silly salesperson! Your customer is not going to correct you if you’re wrong, because that would be impolite. But, maybe not as impolite as you saying it in the first place. Saying something like this implies a sense of arrogance. Why not say, “I could be mistaken, but…” This can really make a difference.

4. “I see…”

What do you see? Because I don’t see anything besides a salesperson who couldn’t be any less interested in what I have to say, or what my concerns are. This is really unsettling for a customer who wants to feel like the company he or she is ready to buy from, cares about his or her interests. Instead, try saying something like, “Wow, I can definitely understand where you’re coming from.” Of course, it depends on what you’re talking about, but something along those lines should be okay.

5. “I’m busy now”

We get it, you’re busy. But, there should always be enough time in the day to consult with your customers, even if there really isn’t. Luckily, the power of the internet means you can get back to customers when it’s convenient for you. However, many companies often say phrases in their emails, “Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I’ve been very busy.”

Right away, the customer thinks that he or she wasn’t your priority, and he or she might consider taking his or her business elsewhere. You can try saying something like, “Thank you for your patience, we will get back you as soon as possible.” If this is happening on a customer service call ,you can ask them if the customer has a number you can call them back at when you’re able to. This way, they don’t need to wait on hold.

sales, phrases, marketing

6. “What’s your name again?”

It’s impossible to remember everyone’s name. But, the beauty of Mission Suite is that it will provide you with CRM and email marketing tools that would make it nearly impossible to forget. With so many customers and leads to keep an eye on, it’s not an easy task to keep track of everything. Instead of asking their name again, just make sure you collect that information when they sign up on your site.

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