Improve Morale by Facilitating a Healthy Sales Coaching Atmosphere

One of the key benefits of sales coaching is the guidance that each member of the sales team receives. A healthy sales coaching atmosphere facilitates a positive and personalized goal setting mentality for each member of the sales team. Sales coaching translates to greater overall team performance.

Creating a healthy sales coaching atmosphere requires making specific changes in the way a sales coach approaches sales training. Sales coaches should focus on developing the following 5 strategies to facilitate a healthy sales coaching atmosphere:

1) Develop shared goals


Shared team goals for sales are not just dollar figures. Shared team goals could be adding new customers, meeting specific numbers of cold calls or meetings with customers on a regular basis. The shared team goal has to be understood by the sales team, be relevant to all team members, and should be mutually developed, not top-down directed.

2) Building on personal role development

Sales reps gain greater autonomy to seek out opportunities when they are able to define their roles within sales teams. Developing a personal role development plan allows sales reps to map out clear guidelines for success that will motivate them to exceed their goals.

3) Celebrate Success


Encouraging recognition of the milestones met by both the individual and the sales team builds a positive, healthy sales atmosphere. Sales coaching allows each individual to discuss their idea of celebration and to make it meaningful. Celebrating success motivates sales teams to constantly strive for sales excellence.

4) Identify “coachable” sales reps

Not everyone wants to be coached or has the commitment to actually work towards goals or develop actionable steps that benefit the team. One important factor to consider in building a healthy sales coaching atmosphere is to choose sales reps who are willing to participate in the coaching experience. A coachable sales rep is motivated and ready to take the steps needed to achieve their full potential in selling.

5) Identify weaknesses and work together

One of the benefits of sales coaching is confidential, one-on-one sales coaching sessions. This is a safe environment for sales reps to discuss their areas of lesser strength and work towards developing their full potential to effectively improve their sales skills. One-on-one sales coaching sessions provide sales reps with the guidance they need to identify opportunities that lead to better communication and a higher standard of sales excellence.


Creating a healthy sales coaching atmosphere is a proven way to increase outcomes, improve performance, and create a positive culture of learning. A healthy sales coaching atmosphere encourages learning from one another and helps build comradery amongst sales teams.


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