The success of a business is often measured by how much sales it’s able to generate. It’s not uncommon for customers to check out two or more of your competitors at the time of contacting you. This makes qualifying your leads even more critical. To guarantee sales in this age, making sure your business generates qualified leads should be top of agenda.

Social media is a proven tool to generate new sales for your business. According to an independent survey by Marketo, 58% of marketers who’ve been using the medium for 3 years or more state that it has helped them boost sales.

Since social media has proven to be effective at lead generation, it’ll be interesting to know what other ways to organically generate qualified leads and boost sales for your business.


Blogging has taken the lead as one of the most effective ways to organically acquire customers for businesses consistently. A 2013 survey by inbound marketing SaaS company, Hubspot, found that 87% of marketers that blog daily generated a customer through their blog compared to 57% who blog monthly.

A business can relate directly with its audience through a blog and give the audience reasons to buy from it. There has never been a platform that offers such control and exposure without the associated costs of controlled publicity.

Aside demonstrating the expertise of the people behind the products or services you offer, a blog also gives the customers a firsthand opportunity to know and relate with these people.

Guest Posts

For those that are willing to take blogging to the next level, there are even more opportunities to be explored through guest blogging. By blogging for other sites, you are directly communicating with the audience of the blog you’re writing for. This gives you the opportunity to actually sell yourself to this new audience. Such an opportunity does not come freely in the business environment.

Due to the high demand in content, other websites are willing to host your content on their blogs in exchange for a bio that allows you to advertise your brand to their audience without discrimination.

No form of customer acquisition is more organic.

Influencer Marketing

When you have an opportunity to let influencers in your niche share your brand with their audience, it will help you reap in the trust they have earned from their followers. As a business, reaching out to influencers can help boost sales and attract qualified leads to your sales funnel.

The first step in creating a successful influencer marketing campaign is identifying the right candidate for your campaign. You should also identify which of your offering their audience is more likely to connect with the best. This will ensure there is little friction in how well your brand is received by their audience.

An even better way to get results from influencer marketing is to team up with influencers to promote a vertical of your offering. A great example is the Lake Tahoe influencer campaign with Mom Bloggers. The influencer campaign focused on the strength of mom bloggers to draw their audience to the season of the resort when there is less demand.

A good influencer campaign will take advantage of the strength of the influencer and focus on the right verticals to promote to their audience.

Join Communities

Communities help bring people with common interests together. By being active in several communities, you have the opportunity to be seen as an authority with the potential to convert more customers.

A variety of communities are available to be explored, such as Google+ communities, LinkedIn Groups, forums and so many others. The opportunities these platforms present are worth the effort invested.

Participating in communities can help you display new products to a willing and ready-to-buy audience, drawing into your sales funnel a prequalified set of leads.

For example, a case study shows how Farfetch used Google+ to showcase new products, which cumulated to 116% Google+ followers that converted to buyers at a 1% conversion rate.

Client Case Studies

Testimonials are very powerful means of converting readers into customers. One of the reasons they convert so well is because case-studies help establish trust with new audience. Before people put their money down for something, they want to make sure they are making the right decision. There is only one effective way to assure them of this, through client case studies.

Today, 9 out of 10 people are looking at product reviews, posts on social networks as well as recommendations from friends prior to making a purchase decision. Case studies are very essential when it comes to assuring buyers that what you’re offering is valuable and of good quality.

Just how effective are cases studies? According to the Content Marketing Institute, UK marketers use 12 different marketing tactics, with case studies taking the fifth place on popularity. They also reported that 63% of UK marketers believe that case studies are effective marketing tactics.


Generating qualified sales for your business can be streamlined by employing proven and efficient marketing tactics such as the ones I’ve shared in this blog post. Do you have other tactics that can be used to generate qualified leads for a business, share them with us in the comment section?

Featured Image credit (Flickr: Sreenivas Digidm)