5 Ways to Drive Success in Modern Inside Sales

Over its long lifetime, the process of inside sales has greatly evolved. The past two decades alone have seen a dramatic shift in how it’s done, with the biggest impact coming from rapid technological advances.

  1. Digital technology now allows marketers to research and target niche audiences. B2B inside sales teams have access to a wealth of information on companies and the individuals who work there that facilitates better conversations. Today, it’s possible to do minutes of research that help to quickly build prospect relationships.
  2. Social media has become a crucial way for companies to stay in front of clients. In fact, companies that engage in social selling see half of their revenue realized by doing so. It’s a highly-productive two-way street: buyers find out more about your brand and you learn what content and product information or services will engage and delight them. It’s also another great relationship-building tool.
  3. Inside sales is now as much about providing product and service information as it is refining your brand’s value proposition. Your website and the internet at large provides potential leads with all the information they need about what you provide. An Acquity Group’s study found that 94% of B2B buyers conduct online research at some point in the buying process, much of it before speaking to an inside sales rep. What does this mean to your sales approach? It means that basic information about your offerings is no longer enough. To attract the modern buyer, case studies, testimonials, and industrial analyses must be added to the mix.
  4. Remote or cloud-based meeting capabilities give inside sales rep a huge advantage over traditional sales methods. Digital collaboration can happen any time of the day from any place in the world, letting inside sales reps promote their products, services, and expertise anywhere, anytime.
  5. Inside sales reps do less “selling” and focus more on facilitating a lead’s journey through the funnel. Their role is to be available to provide their expertise to and share information with the customer. They also recruit fellow team members to lend their own unique skills and knowledge to the process.

Driving Success with Inside Sales

As technology advances and buyer preferences evolve, the inside sales role within B2B companies is changing too. The modern sales rep can now more easily engage with and nurture prospects throughout the full cycle sale process, supplying their marketing team with as many highly qualified deals as possible. They know how to combine sales ability with tech know-how to find quality leads that convert into long-term customers.

Today, inside sales reps wear many hats, but they’re also often stretched beyond their limit. For many B2B companies, navigating the shift in modern inside sales can put a strain on internal resources. Partnering with a lead generation marketing, sales appointment-setting, and a closing sales provider can be game changing to how your company drives sales and growth.