As a business owner, you’re constantly on the hunt for bright new ideas that will keep your customers coming back to you. With the internet proving to be a hot way to bring in sales, the only downside is the emerging new trends, and the old patterns disappear. New companies are formed virtually overnight as these trends come and go.

Finding new ways to gain authority is essential for a business to thrive. Staying on top of all the news trends is a challenge once a company reaches new heights, as companies can fall out of commission just as quickly as they rose.

Think about Myspace when Facebook came around. What happened to Yahoo after Google came to be?

In this article, we will explore 5 trends that will continue to help drive your clients into making big sales while gaining authority in your market.

Trend #1: Crowdfunding

Whether you think you might need crowdfunding, it’s very helpful for building authority. Crowdfunding isn’t just about raising money for a project. In your mind, you might be thinking about how to use crowdfunding to raise funds to film an independent movie or a video game. Crowdfunding is for people who need extra money for rent or to increase awareness about an issue.

Think about that last line again… Crowdfunding is used just to raise awareness but to validate a product and get people familiar with the idea of it. According to Clay Hebert, who is the crowdfunding and marketing expert, “Smart companies are using crowdfunding not only to raise capital but to validate products before making substantial investments in product development.”

This is how big enterprises and corporations are getting in the Crowdfunding; it’s a means of getting their clientele involved in their marketing process.

For example, a company might share five different products they plan to release the next year.

Maybe one or two of those don’t make the cut while the other three received proper market validation. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is a major tool to bring in bigger sales

Trend #2: Active Content

So, you’re attempting to improve your website’s ranking in the search engines. An important key you may not be factoring in is how active you remain on social media.

A study by has revealed that the number of signals you gain from your social media impacts Searchmetrics the position of your website in the search engines. Simply put: more social media markers equal better rankings.

Not to mention, having fresh content keeps your brand in front of the eyes of your customers on a regular basis.

Would you rather have people engage daily or once in awhile when you get around to it?

If you take a chance on the latter, how many opportunities are you giving your competitors to fill in the need your customers have? Stay active! And be mindful of what you post.

Only 20% should be self-promotion. No one wants to see a ton of spam. Write thoughtful pieces on the ins and outs of what you do.

Trend #3: Social Media

Social media is an incredible phenomenon that is only growing in scope. Facebook alone, the world’s largest social network, currently boasts about its 1.7 billion monthly users.

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the other hugely popular social media sites.

Essentially, social media is a hangout for everyone to stay connected with one another.

Each site has a different platform in which it operates. For example, Instagram allows you to share pictures.

LinkedIn has more of a professional tint, enabling users to find jobs and connect with colleagues. YouTube is mostly for video sharing. Facebook does it all.

Trend #4: Removing Sales

For a very long time, selling was one particular way. You had salespeople pushing items, whether it was a phone, at the door, through your mail, or at the warehouse.

Salespeople driven by quotas were sent down from the corporate offices. This is how all business, and in a lot of ways, it was uncomfortable for the consumer.

No one likes to walk into a store and have a pushy salesperson right in their face. They don’t like to have options pushed on them. No, they would rather make their decisions and decide on their own time.

With the Internet, we can do that. You can do all of your shopping at or If you want to buy a car, you can go online, and it’ll give you price while letting you choose your options.

It’s all about customizable selling and giving a choice back to the people.

Trend #5: Giving Things for Free

If you’re new in the business world, you may have a difficult time with this one. You worked very hard creating a product or developing your service.

The last thing you want to do is give anything away for free, but that might exactly be the first cost you have to take. Any bold and true business person/marketer/salesperson can tell you that giving away stuff works.

There are a lot of artists and marketers alike who don’t make money traditionally. You might use several steps mentioned above, such as crowdfunding and taking the sales process out of operation.

They understand perhaps that by dropping an entire album for free, not only do they get a ton of exposure, customers feel like they’re getting a great deal and tremendous value. They will remain devoted and eagerly anticipate next album.

No matter how much you invest in promotional items or powerful your social media game is. Even how much value your provide to the community, you must be there to answer the phones! When clients are making the purchasing decision, they think about the customer service that you provide. They want a business that can be there for them no matter the time of day. Think about either hiring a receptionist or a virtual receptionist service to be there when you can’t.

A lot of companies build their reputation and grow the traditional way. Nothing has to be done in the traditional way. Think outside the box and be creative. Do whatever you must do to build.