telephone-1223310_1280As a salesperson or wholesale distributor, you might be given the unenviable task of making cold calls to potential leads. Making cold sales calls doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as it seems. Follow these tips to master the art of cold sales calling:

Keep them talking.

As you begin cold calling, you’ll find that a lot of leads try to rush you off the phone in a polite manner by asking you to send them more information. They promise that they will take the time to review the information and then get back to you about whether or not they’re interested. What do leads really mean when they said they want you to send information? “I’m not interested, but I’m too polite and busy to tell you the truth.” Instead of letting them off this way, try to keep them talking by asking for their email address so you can send them the information. Then, ask to hear a bit more about their company so you can send them relevant information. As long as you pretend everything you’re asking is to help you send them information, they’ll keep talking.

Don’t get distracted.

Making dozens of sales calls a day can get kind of boring, but it’s important to keep your focus and avoid distractions. Even if the client can’t see what you’re doing, it’s not hard to tell when someone is checking their Facebook or looking at their phone, so the lead can probably sense it in your voice. If you’re not giving your full attention to the call, you won’t be able to pitch to the lead properly or speak to them persuasively. The second that someone picks up the phone, put yours down and focus only on the call.

Be nice to assistants.

Some leads may have assistants answer and transfer your call. Think of these assistants as the gatekeeper to your lead. You should treat the assistants the same exact way you would treat the lead. Be polite and speak to the assistant warmly. If you make multiple phone calls, try to remember the assistant’s name so you can make him or her feel appreciated. Befriend this gatekeeper, and you’ll be one step closer to the lead.

Role play.

Many companies may advise you to get together with a co-worker and do a quick role play, however, this is a face-to-face interaction and won’t help you get better with communicating on the phone. Try enlisting a friend or family member to act as a potential client. Once someone agrees, don’t tell that person when you’ll be calling, instead catch your loved one off-guard so you can get a feel for how someone will respond when they don’t expect your call. No matter how hard it is to take this role play seriously, do your best. The more you practice, the more you will be comfortable with the flow of cold calling.

What tips do you have for mastering cold sales calls? Share your advice in the comments below!