If you own a business, you need the best, so that you can sell the most. If you are interested in building a sales dream team, where everyone works well with each other and bounces ideas off each other, you need to consider unique recruitment strategies. You want the right fit, and there are five ways to find that fit if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Here are some great sales talent recruitment strategies.

Interview Process

While it may not be a strategy, per se, it is a necessary part of finding a new hire. You can’t just ask for resumes and pick one randomly from the lot. You have to go through each one, find a handful of individuals who seem to fit the part and ask each one a set of uniquely designed and crafted questions.

Smart people know how to breeze through the interview process, but you have to look past what they tell you and see what they’re saying. Asking questions about the company is one way to do that. Most people don’t research beforehand. However, a smart and prepared candidate will research you and find out as much as possible. Come up with a list of questions for your interview process that only a truly qualified candidate would know the answers to.


It is up to you to keep in contact with those in your network. They can help you find more recruits that could be the answer to one of your problems.

Consider Alumni and college networking is just one of the many ways of finding new talent. These people have just got out of college or are just finishing up and want to land that dream job. You should be there to scoop them up before they get grabbed by someone else. More often than not they will have all of the necessary skill sets that you would require of them. You just need to determine if they are a good fit for your company, the specific job and your companies culture.

Previous Applicants

No one ever thinks of going back through their previous candidates to see what’s available. While they may not have been your first choice initially, people change and mature. They may have gotten another job and received some hands-on experience or are just a little more desperate and may do almost anything for the opportunity. Mine your applicant-tracking system (ATS)!

Private Events

Public recruiting events can be hard because you’re competing with others. Instead, host your own event. You’ll get a lot of people who are all interested in working for you.

Social Media

Social media sites, like LinkedIn, can be a goldmine of talent, so don’t forget to join and check these sites frequently. Once you find a candidate you can reach out immediately. If they are too far for an in-person interview try doing an interview over video chat.

If you want a sales dream team, you’re going to have to have excellent sales talent recruitment strategies. Visit The Sales Coaching Institutes and reach out to their executive sales recruiting experts to learn more.

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