You spent months fighting for the budget to purchase a new CRM, diligently researched dozens of potential solutions, invested major time and resources in implementation and rolled it out with a flourish – only to have it rejected by your sales reps.

Why the backlash? What’s the resistance? And what can be done about it? Let’s dig a little deeper into the thought processes behind your reps’ protests and the features and functionality that you must demand from your CRM to be successful.

#1. “This CRM is too complicated.”

As consumers, we refuse to adopt technology that fails to make our days easier and more productive; but as business people, we are often expected to use applications that actually make our lives harder. Your sales team isn’t interested in spending hours figuring out the complexities of your new software – nor should they be. As soon as reps realize that filtering through Excel or keeping hand-written logs is easier than using your CRM, you’ve lost them.

The Way It Should Be: A good CRM takes its cue from consumer-facing apps by offering intuitive organization and seamless usability. Leads should be created in just a few clicks. Lead source, win likelihood and more should be easy to search for and find. And at the end of the day, your reps should want to use it because it makes their lives better.

#2. “It’s just one more tool for me to use.”

How many tools are your reps required to use on a daily basis to get their jobs done? Having to toggle between systems to send emails, log calls, create leads and complete various other tasks hinders productivity and wastes valuable time. Adding a CRM to the mix that lacks the ability to take the place of some of these existing point solutions or add something to the sales process other than just another step is bound to fail.

The Way It Should Be: All-in-one sales platforms increase rep productivity by as much as 75% by effectively replacing most sales point solutions and providing real-time push notifications, call dialing, contact management, reporting and more. Built-in integrations with email, calendar and other tools further enable reps to operate out of a single UI.

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