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There are few systems that can help with tracking, auditing, managing and properly administrating databases, but that’s exactly what a CMMS does. Also known as a Computerized Maintenance Management System, this program can do a number of tasks while also maintaining and managing all of your assets and work orders. Here are five great benefits every business can obtain from one of these systems.

1. Equal Training

Every employee needs training. From those coming into the company to those learning a new system, all of your employees must know what they are doing to ensure the best productivity. A CMMS excels in this area as it will help you easily record an employee’s progress to see what their aptitude is for the given task.

Some employees may excel and can quickly move on to another machine or are ready to stop their training and get to work. Others might need days or weeks of extra training to ensure that they are up to speed with your expectations. Regardless of your needs and where your employees are, a CMMS will give an unbiased looked into how they are doing.

2. Fix Dips in Productivity

Have you ever noticed that at certain times of the day productivity drops? Without tracking, you just have to live with it and assume that’s how the work goes. With a CMMS, you can easily introduce a tracking element that will search for the problem and give you solutions to correct it. For example, the CMMS might notice that employees aren’t working as hard, or maybe the machines are having a problem keeping up with demand and must be worked slower.

There are numerous reasons for a delay or decrease in productivity, but now you’ll have a system that can see where the problem lies so that you can create a solution.

3. Centralized Work Orders and Records

One of your machines broke again. Is this a common issue, has the machine been having the same problem over and over again? A CMMS program gives you a way to centralize work orders and records so that maintenance staff can quickly see if this is an existing issue or if it’s completely new. Not only that, but this staff will see what other employees did. Perhaps there’s a quick fix, or maybe these fixes are showing that the problem is getting worse and the machine must be replaced.

Not only that, but these work orders and records often cannot be tampered with, making them perfect for auditing. This can help you kill two birds with one stone while decreasing downtime.

4. Improve Maintenance and Reduce Downtime

In conjunction with the above point, you don’t always have to wait for a machine to break to fix it. In fact, you shouldn’t be waiting for it to get to this critical state. Every machine needs regular maintenance to keep it running as smoothly as possible with the least amount of money put into repairs.

If you just have one or two computers, then scheduling maintenance is easy. However, when you have hundreds or thousands, it suddenly becomes a lot harder to remember if essential repairs were done to every machine. A CMMS will record what maintenance must be done, and it will show you which machines haven’t been worked on yet.

5. Asset Location

Did you forget where a certain computer or item is? Large businesses fight with this constantly. Growing a big business is great, but it’s terrible when you start forgetting where everything is. A CMMS can be used to effectively find assets. This can include machines, computers, products, employees and other items essential to effectively doing your business.

Not only that, but a CMMS can also be used to optimize space by ensuring that each room has only what it needs and nothing more. If you are getting cramped, then you definitely need a system like this to help you out.


CMMS programs offer you the helping hand that you’ve needed for years. From ensuring that maintenance is done right and on time to improving productivity and keeping all employees properly trained, there are few systems that come packed with this many benefits. And best of all, it’s easy to implement with just a little tech knowledge.