The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to switch to telecommuting. Even as many cities across the world have started to cautiously open their doors again, it is unlikely that businesses that have been productive during the lockdown would want to go back to physical workspace anytime soon.

This is path-breaking for sales professionals who have, hitherto, relied completely on knocking doors to make sales.

On the positive side though, remote sales opens up a new world of opportunities to sales professionals. As a salesperson, you are no longer constrained by geographical limitations while reaching out to prospects.

Here are a few must-have tools that sales professionals would benefit from in this changing scenario.


With on-field sales becoming less common, inbound sales are likely to see a surge. Drag is an app that comes in very handy in these circumstances. Drag turns Gmail into a shared inbox that all team members can access from their personal accounts. With this app, any inbound lead can be assigned to a specific team member, and the activity of all members be monitored holistically.

Drag is affordable for bootstrapped businesses and starts at $10/month for solo users and $59/month for a team of up to 10 members.

Right Inbox

With a lot of work being done over email, Right Inbox is a must-have for sales professionals. The application comes with several features, but the two that are absolutely necessary from a sales perspective are the ability to set up email sequences, and templates.

Email sequences are handy for sales outreach since they all need several follow-ups before it can be closed. Templates save you time composing emails each time – save your most common messages here and you can avoid typing them out from scratch every time.

Sales cycles are often repetitive with the same tasks carried out in sequence with various prospects. This leaves room for a lot of productivity improvements through collaboration. makes it happen with a powerful workspace where all documents and content can be stored for quick and easy access by anyone in the team. The robust document editor helps you create live interactive sales collateral and integrates with over 100+ applications.

One of the best features of Bit is its ability to track shared documents to see when your prospects opened them, how long they spent reading and how many times it was opened. This allows the sales team to do follow ups and close more sales. Bit is a must have tool for every sales team


A study published by DePaul University found that it costs sales organizations an average of $97,960 to replace a sales rep. Another study from CSO Insights found that effective sales onboarding can improve quota attainment by 6.7%.

The Freshteam Onboarding module is just one of the several modules within this HR management application. However, for sales teams, this is one with the highest impact. In addition to taking care of the mundane paperwork, the onboarding tool also automates the process of delivering onboarding kits to sales reps.


Intercom is one of the popular business messaging solutions out there that is popular among marketing teams looking to scale up their lead generation. From a sales perspective, one of the reasons businesses must have Intercom is for their powerful product tour application that can be shared with customers without the need for an active salesperson. This allows salespeople to share product demo links within emails and this makes the process seamless from a buyer perspective. Intercom is thus extremely useful if you are a SaaS or online business.

Depending on your industry, sales cycles can last anywhere from a few days to several months. The tools included here in this article bring down the friction that inherently exists in a remote sales process, and are thus a must-have in the post-pandemic world.