Odds are you’re guilty of at least one of these misconceptions. Let’s set the record straight when it comes to outsourcing sales. Honestly, if it were a scam or service that didn’t provide real value — A) I wouldn’t want to be a part of it, and B) Organizations like the Stevie Awards wouldn’t be giving out awards for it!

5 misconceptions about outsourcing sales

So here it is — 5 misconceptions about outsourced sales and why any sales professional should care.

  1. Outsourcing is a bad word.

It’s not. Often people confuse “outsourcing” with “offshoring” which carries a more negative perception. Outsourcing just means utilizing a strong skill set of an expert team outside your company. It lets you focus on the core of what makes you successful in your business.

  1. It always costs less to outsource than firing up an internal team.

While that is often the case, it’s not always true. To weigh the apples to apples, you can’t just compare the cost of an external sales resource versus an internal resource. You need to consider: results and effectiveness, real estate, benefits, management costs, and the other support costs to run a business or sales program.

In the end, those are a lot more to manage… And ultimately, the cost of getting it wrong with a sales partner will be much lower than getting it wrong with an internal team.

  1. You don’t need to do anything to make it work.

If you are not invested in the success of the program, it will fail.

Outsourcing sales with experts like Invenio Solutions® means you can use their data, technology, and expertise. But without reasonable collaboration and contribution from the client’s side, companies can hurt themselves, and hurt the external sales partner in the process. That’s why Invenio is so selective about the companies with whom we choose to work. Sales professionals are on the front line of conversations for your brand. For them to be able to represent your company adequately requires a reasonable amount of input.

If you are not invested in the success of the program, it will fail. End of story.

  1. Pay-for-performance is the way to go.

See #3. Pay for performance means you don’t pay until the sales show up. On the face of it, it sounds like a great deal. The problem is that companies tend to invest little time, money or effort into the success of pay-for-performance programs, leading to poor results. Neither you nor the external sales partner want that.

  1. Outsourcing steals away jobs from your internal team.

No, in most cases, we augment the needs of the team. If an internal team needs leads qualified, we can fit that picture. If just qualified appointments need to be set, we can do that too. In the end, we are there to augment the overall needs of the team and drive revenue. If we don’t, WE get fired. Period.