Have the post-Thanksgiving Weekend sales blues? Don’t despair, there are still plenty of sales conversions to be had. Online stores still have some busy shopping days ahead. Like Green Monday on December 7th (where everyone scrambles to buy those gifts in time for Christmas), Free-Shipping Day (December 16th) and those last-minute shopping days.

There are millions of shoppers out there just like me. Shoppers who every year say they will be more organized, but find themselves scrambling to get those last-minute gifts. With the rise of online shopping and the popularity of virtual gift cards, there is still time to catch us all!

Additionally, the holiday season is a time where people respond to warmth and sentiment. Don’t forget to wish all your loyal customers a happy holiday and to keep your messaging festive during the sales process. Going the extra mile to be personal and friendly during this time can go a long way in building customer loyalty.

Without further ado, here are 5 last-minute ways to boost your eCommerce sales this Christmas:

1: Push Products Specifically Aimed at Last-Minute Shoppers

Last-minute shoppers don’t have time; they’re either trying to cram all their shopping into one or two days, are still looking for one or two things for that family member or friend who are just impossible to buy for or they are racing to get those stocking fillers for those unexpected guests.

Presenting ideas to them on your site, in an easy to find way, will help promote sales. For example, if you’re an online clothing accessories store, group accessories together that would make good stocking fillers and display them front and center. Or why not add a product banner with a popular product that makes a good gift, or promote gift vouchers for your site.

You can make banners at a click of a button with apps such as our own Power Banner or Canva.

Christmas banner ad example

Gift cards are the ultimate last-minute gift for online shoppers as they don’t have to wait for delivery and will ensure they never show up empty handed. Promoting gift cards on your site, through your email marketing and PPC campaigns can make a big difference to your Christmas sales closer to the 25th of December.

2: Edit Your PPC Campaigns

PPC ads for Christmas shoppers

There are a few adjustments you can make this holiday season to grab those online holiday shoppers. The thing about Google AdWords PPC is, results are almost immediate. In other words, you can adjust or add a campaign today, and in a matter of hours see clicks from these ads coming to your website.

Ask yourself what your target audience is searching for and adjust your PPC keywords to include gift ideas for certain segments or search Google trends to see which search keywords are trending. Additionally, revamp your ad text to create a feeling of urgency to encourage more clicks, such as “Get High Quality Stocking Fillers in Time for Christmas.” or “Last-day For Free Shipping.”

In conjunction with your ad text, edit landing page text to correspond with your season product deals. And lastly, use this high-volume traffic time to increase your daily minimum budget or add apps such as Traffic Booster ensuring you are capitalizing on all those last-minute shoppers.

3: Shipping and Returns – Be Informative

Christmas shipping and returns

It’s crunch time and to ensure you are not only gaining all those Christmas conversions, but gaining loyal customers for the future, make sure shipping and return policies are front and center. Encourage more trust by possibly extending return policies a little longer for those Christmas shoppers. This will not only give first-time buyers a little more peace of mind, but free up some post-holiday logistic hassle on your end.

Support last-minute shoppers by offering some additional shipping options such as additional overnight shipping for an additional fee. And don’t forget National Free Shipping Day on the 17th of December. Even if you’re not currently offering free shipping, this is a perfect time to offer it to your customers as a one-day flash promotion.

4: Run a Last-Minute Social Campaign

Use social media to push last-minute gift ideas, run countdowns, promote extended return policies, hold gift competitions and last-minute shopping promotions. Facebook ads are a must over the holidays, and like I suggested with PPC campaigns, adjust your Facebook campaign text, messaging and keywords to attract those hurried shoppers. Using text such as, “Looking for a last-minute gift for that special someone? Save $20 on the perfect gift for her!” can get you a lot of traction.

It’s not just about promotions. Christmas is a great time for engagement with you brand. When it comes to winning at social media, Starbucks are tops.

Their festive social campaigns get everyone into the spirit each year and give the brand a chance to engage with their customers in a big way.

5. Run a Last-Minute Email Campaign

Send an email blast to your existing customers and all those contacts you have been adding with Coupon Pop, with last-minute gift ideas. Email marketing is a must, and using your segmentation to send different product ideas to different groups can help get customers shopping in your store.

There are a bunch of email marketing platforms you can use to run targeted campaigns for targeted shoppers with gift idea segmentations like “gifts for her”, “gifts for him”, or “Free Shipping This Weekend only” emails to target specific users based on previous buying behavior or demographics such as location.

There you have it. Happy holidays from me. I wish you a bumper holiday season for your business and a special time for you and your families.