rapportiveRapportive is a Gmail plugin that shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. It was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012. While some use it to increase their social media following, Rapportive has a number of uses, and it’s become a crucial tool for us at at Bizible. Here are 4 ways sales can use Rapportive to close more deals:

Make yourself more human

Having a full profile on Rapportive means that your picture shows up right next to your email. It makes the email that much more human. Personally, I find it harder to say no to sales outreaches emails with pictures of the sender. In addition to the photo, Rapportive shows your title and company. One suggestion is to keep your title “Business Development” instead of “Sales” for similar so those you email don’t feel like they are being sold to.

Make a personal connection 

Before you speak with your contact, you can view their recent social updates — such as tweets — as well as location, for the nice personal touch. This is a great opportunity to find conversion starters and connect with them emotionally. One suggestion is to RT or favorite one of their relevant, professional tweets or updates on social.

Easily add them on LinkedIn

If they reciprocate, your updates will show in their feeds, building frequency of your content and messages. Think of it as social lead nurturing. If the contact ends up not converting, having your updates in their feed could also be a long term follow up follow up opportunity.

Add notes to remember key details

Rapportive offers a simple way to add quick notes for contacts, which is useful for logging the small details that can make it show you really care. This is especially helpful if you don’t use a CRM or the contact has not converted to an opportunity.

What are some ways you use Rapportive?