Here are four common mistakes Sales Managers make that can lead to their downfall or the downfall of their team.

1. Focusing on the Wrong Guy

It is easy to focus your attentions on the guy that is making the most sales. However, you have to focus on the guys who are not hitting their targets and find out why. What you need to know from your top performers is what technique they are using. You can then try using that technique to train those who are under performing.

2. Grooming the Wrong Leader

It is important to be looking to those below you to help you find the next leaders. It is not necessarily crazy to think you will automatically be drawn to your top sellers, but selling is not managing. Watch your entire team for signs of leadership, not for those who sell well. This will help in two ways. First, it may help keep your top sellers in the ranks of selling where they belong and in many cases earning better money for themselves depending on your pay and commission structure. Second, it will help you find the right person to lead. Leaders have different qualities than sellers although sometimes the two do meet. Use tools to assess your sales team to discover their hidden talents so you are grooming the right people for the right job.

3. Selling

Sounds odd, but it is true. Sales Managers don’t sell, they lead. Make sure you don’t get caught up in selling as a) It takes sales away from your team and b) It takes you away from your job.

4. Forget Your Core Job Description & Responsibilities

In general, a Sales Manager should only do the following:
• Train and develop the team
• Hold the team accountable for goals
• Coach and motivate
• Hire and fire

Being a Sales Manager is not always easy. Finding ways to help your team succeed is a job that requires dedication and constant attention to detail. If you are going to be a successful sales manager, you must avoid making mistakes sales managers make like the ones listed above.