A lot of articles highlighting sales and appointment setting techniques focus on helping your company move from good to great.

However, a lot of sales success tips that could help you become one of the elites in your industry are overlooked.

The following is a look at a handful of tips you might not have considered in planning for your growth.

Prioritise the Discovery

It is unlikely that a sales organisation will ever become elite without prioritising the discovery stage.

Of course, the first phase of discovery is identifying the ideal prospects to target for appointment setting. This process includes developing a profile that meshes with each of your solutions.

Then, research to develop a thorough understanding of the interests and needs of each persona. This pre-call research prepares you to ask the right questions to get to the pain points of your prospects.

By learning the particular circumstances of a buyer, sets you up to sell the most targeted solution possible.

Plan Your Time Investment

Time is the salesperson’s most valuable asset, so it makes sense to budget for it just as you would money.

Calculate the amount of time you expect your reps to put into the entire selling process to reach your periodic goals.

Look for strategies that allow you to optimise results and reduce time-wasters. Find efficiency improvements.

Outsourcing inside sales activities like appointment setting is one method teams are using to help reps focus on closing deals.

Your sales team is your most valuable resource. Therefore, it makes sense to have them doing what they do best – selling.

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Send Personalised HTML Emails

Top marketing and sales teams are using responsive, personalised HTML email designs in 2017 to capture attention from individual prospects and customers.

This approach to automated communication allows you to communicate on a personal level while achieving mass scale with a large contact base.

The trick is to design messages that appeal to particular preferences and interests of the segmented individual and organise efficient distribution. This is why your buyer personas are so important to have prepared from the start.

Email campaigns are particularly useful during lead generation and in customer retention stages. Keeping your brand and valuable resources in front of clients is an important element of retention and brand advocacy.

Leverage Social Selling

Top sellers use social tools like LinkedIn and Twitter to cast a wider net in appointment setting.

Setting up profiles and interacting directly with people in your target market allows you to learn more about their traits and behaviours. You also learn about how they mix with people in their industries and marketplaces.

This increased access to prospect information is helpful in connecting with prospects on social platforms.

Engage in informative and educational conversations that build rapport and open the door for you to start conversations about a prospect’s needs and your solutions. Because when you think about it, buyers are using social selling too. Except that they are using it to research you and your company.

Wrap Up

To reach elite levels of performance in your industry, you need to consider factors that lead to optimised appointment setting and sales conversion success.

Focus on strategies that personalizethe buyer experience and leverage tech tools to do so efficiently.

Most importantly, document & share the appointment setting techniques that work best for you.

It could be a case that some of your team is pursuing bad-quality leads and your techniques may help them.