3 Ways to Use Geofencing to Drive Small Business Saturday Sales

Small Business Saturday is a great initiative that encourages shoppers to support local businesses as they make their holiday purchases. One marketing strategy that is extremely useful around Small Business Saturday is geofencing.

Geofencing gives you the ability to target mobile shoppers as they’re near your (or your competitor’s) business – making it ideal for reaching on-the-go shoppers.

Here are three ways you can use geofencing to drive Small Business Saturday sales.

1. Set Up Targeting Around Your Competitors’ Locations

If you’re looking to drive in-person visits away from your competitors, geofencing is the way to go. You can target shoppers near your competitors (or who are even in their store) with a special offer or coupon code that entices them to visit your business instead. For example, say a shopper is walking into a competitor’s florist shop to buy some flowers, but they see an ad pop up for your floral shop that’s offering 20% off for Small Business Saturday. Why wouldn’t they visit your shop instead?

2. Offer Specials Shoppers Can Redeem Later

This tactic is especially helpful for businesses that may not have traditional retail stores. If you know of an area in your city that has a number of retailers participating in Small Business Saturday, you can set a geofence around that area so shoppers see an advertisement for an offer you’re running during the holidays they can redeem at a later date. For example, if you own a plumbing business, you can advertise a Small Business Saturday special that will allow shoppers to save your offer and use it within a certain date range. If they need plumbing repair (which many home owners do need during the holidays), they have your coupon readily available.

3. Offer More Than Just Specials & Coupons

Your geofencing ad can definitely let customers know about specials you’re running in store but you can also tease shoppers with an ad that you’re offering more than just specials. Pair your geofencing strategy with a small in-store event by handing out light refreshments like hot chocolate or water bottles. Even if shoppers aren’t initially looking for your products and services, getting them in the store with a little goody can build awareness of your business and encourage them to look around your store.

Geofencing is the perfect way to amplify your Small Business Saturday specials and drive sales. Are you participating in Small Business Saturday? Let us know in the comments!