labor day marketing salesThe whole point of Labor Day is to celebrate the contributions of laborers by taking a day of rest. But even though Labor Day only comes once a year, here are three ways businesses can reduce their labor year round by automating manual processes and making life easier on their sales and support staff.

Automate Calls to Customers

Say you’re having a special promotion and you want to notify your customers and ask them to place an order. Instead of spending thousands of man-hours on the phone manually notifying every customer—or sending an email blast that may get ignored or trapped by pesky spam filters—automate a fleet of voice broadcasts and wash your hands of the matter. Voice broadcasts can be personalized and have on-time delivery guarantees. You can reach thousands of customers in seconds with little effort on your part.

Manage Callers and Survey Customers with IVR

Don’t force your office receptionist to spend all day answering calls. Instead set up a sophisticated, intelligent IVR system to assist callers and route them to the correct department or rep. Callers can also access information like your businesses hours, office and store locations, and even listen to and update their own account information without ever talking to a live representative. You can even use inbound and outbound IVRs to conduct automated customer satisfaction phone surveys to measure customer loyalty.

Save Time with a CRM Integration

When a lead calls your sales team, you want that rep to be focused on selling, not on manually hunting for information in your CRM. If you integrate voice-based marketing automation with your CRM, your reps can stop wasting time searching for and inputting customer data in your CRM records. If a caller is an existing contact, their CRM record is available with a click of the mouse; if they are a new lead, your rep can create a pre-populated record just as easily. So now when you or your agent accepts a call, the caller’s account info is right in front of you, enabling you to concentrate on selling, not data processing.

There’s always work to be done—even on Labor Day—but if you work smart, it can still feel like vacation.