Technology has evolved so significantly in the last 25 years that most people can’t keep up. Keeping up is exactly what you need to ensure you are doing. Companies everywhere focus on digital transformation because it impacts how they make sales. Your sales team must understand the digital process before they can sell products and services. Otherwise, you are bound to lose customers because they want things done differently, more now than ever before. The goal of digital transformation is to connect you with your customers and use a variety of technologies to do so. The three-step process is simple and effective, but you have to ensure that you help your sales team fully understand it and how it can work for them.

The Right Tools

The first step to your sales team becoming digital is giving them the tools they require to be part of the digital age. Almost everyone has cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, but you need to ensure that they have one just for company purposes. You may not give every salesperson the ability to scope leads online, but you should have a team (or a few people) devoted to it. They can utilize social media, cloud-based CRM and mobile technology to present your company digitally. Having a great website that is not mobile-friendly is a big mistake today with more than half of the internet being accessed via mobile devices. Keeping up with simple, but extremely important technology updates like this can give your sales team the advantage when push comes to shove.

Appropriate Training

There are specific tools required so that salespeople can transform digitally, but they also need the right training. While they probably know how to operate a cell phone and use it on social media, they may not understand the nuances of selling online. You may also have to invest in a digital sales course to help teach them what social media channels they can use and how to use them to better reach their customers and prospects. Or you might need to teach them the new CRM system and help them understand the changes they soon face. Helping your sales force keep up with technology through training is key to ensuring your sales force is not falling behind.


The digital transformation of your sales team can’t be complete without automation. Making appointments, creating invoices, and sending emails take up time that your employees don’t have. If you want them to be successful and more productive, automate some of these mundane tasks so that your sales force can focus on what they are good at, getting more leads and sales! By automating some of their workloads through the use of simple automation tools you are improving efficiency.

In the End, You Win!

Staying abreast of these three steps year after year is no easy task. You may need to hire a few people along the way in order to really take advantage of all of the new technologies that emerge in the coming years. If you are able to stay ahead of the technology curve, your company will outsell your competition. Word of mouth will spread that your company is doing cutting-edge work and the investment will be a small price to pay compared to your returns. Purchasing from a company that is technically savvy is much easier and often more exciting than purchasing from a company that is falling behind. Don’t be the company that is falling behind!