While taking care of some holiday shopping this morning, I came across some unique tactics that can help you close some last minute holiday sales. Let’s jump right into it!

1. Upfront Shipping Notifications – Shwood Shop

Last minute shoppers are only going to purchase from you if you’re able to fulfill and deliver by the desired date. In this case, it’s Christmas. Instead of waiting until later in the purchasing process to display holiday shipping info, Shwood Shop take a different route.

Shoppers are presented with this overlay pop up that contains valuable shipping info as well as free shipping thresholds. This immediately shows shoppers that they can still fulfill orders for Christmas gifts while also providing an incentive buy more in order to get free shipping.

Tactics To Implement

  • Clearly notify shoppers of shipping info early on in their visit
  • Use free shipping thresholds to appeal to last-minute shoppers and increase order sizes.


2. Gift Cards And Print Out Presents – Beloved Shirts

Gift cards are the most requested gift during the holiday season because they are easy to buy and allow for the recipient to buy what they want. They are also the perfect last minute gift. With most online retailers offering a digital gift card format, these orders can immediately be fulfilled.

Beloved Shirts Created a ‘Last Minute Gifts’ landing page which offers two creative ways to get great gifts for your family and friends. First, they offer digital gift cards with a holiday gift card template to print out. This turns your digital gift card into more than a piece of paper.

Second, Beloved Shirts offers an option for gifts that may not make it on time. You simply download a fun holiday print out PDF so you have something to put underneath the tree on Christmas morning. Get a last minute gift from Beloved Shirts!

Tactics To Implement

  • Offer digital gift cards to get last minute sales.


3. Daily Savings Calendar – Rad Power Bikes

No matter what time of the year it is, shoppers love to save on purchases. During the holidays, it’s always nice to receive the treat of a discount or special. As a retailer, you can provide that added value to close more deals.

Rad Power Bikes engages its visitors with a calendar showcasing the savings that shoppers can receive by purchasing between December 11th and 17th. This promotion creates urgency and provides significant value to shoppers; two things that will drive a shopper to purchase.

Tactics To Implement

  • Showcase last minute holiday discounts and shipping promotions to display value and create urgency. This could be ‘20% off + Free Shipping’ or ‘Receive a free gift by placing an order today!’ Get creative and convert some last minute sales.


You’ve almost made it through the long haul of the holiday shopping season, but there are still sales opportunities to capitalize on. My hope is that these three examples will inspire you to implement tactics in order to drive last minute sales this holiday season.

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