3 Secrets To A Successful Sales Funnel

In this post, I’m going to reveal three of the best tips to have a high converting sales funnel in your business. I use a sales funnel model in my business and are highly effective at list building, low ticket sales and high ticket sales, and brand you as the authority.

So if you want to get results follow these result getting tips and get you to the top as a top earner real fast and get you making money. And I’m going to briefly cover the evolution of traffic, and why traffic sources burn-out and stop converting altogether.

The key to any home based business is positioning, credibility & authority hacking = results.

But that’s not all, let’s dive in and see what else you can do to be a top earner in your industry…

What I’m going to cover first are the five points that are pretty critical to any sales funnel. Leveraging someone else’s brand seems also seems to be an important factor, but before you can do that you need to make a list of your industries top earners. And I want to stress first there isn’t a traffic problem in marketing, there is though a conversion problem that needs to be addressed.

Here are my 3 best secrets:

  1. How to position yourself in the marketplace by hacking credibility.
  2. How to guarantee authority by jumping on the latest traffic trend.
  3. How to 10X your results with custom sales funnels and steal them from your competition.

Before you can go out there and get the credibility you have to know who you’re going after, so get a pen and paper and write this down, and then take action.

Do an Interview Action Plan

  1. Make a list of the top 10 income earners in your industry
  2. Top 10 up and coming income earners (10K-100K)
  3. Top 10 “Super Guru” income earners (1 million in sales)
  4. Top 10 Super Elite (10 million in sales)
  5. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, or on Linkedin

Then reach out to them and ask them to do a live interview. Now I know what most people are thinking, how? Connect with them first and get a conversation going, then make plans to meet with them in person.

Now, this may cost some investment especially if you’re going to ask Tony Robbins, Mike Dillard, or Frank Kearn to do one, or maybe it won’t. The point is this investment is the best way to position yourself in front of your audience and then turn them into raving fans after. I did an interview with John Chow, had pictures and a Q & A with Kevin Harrington, and many people seen pictures that I was there with him live, and boom, instant credibility, and resonated into my sales.

Next, become the founder, partner or creator of something, and say something like “I”m on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to take control of their lives and create a life they truly desire. And, associate yourself with people who are getting results, sounds arrogant, but it is all business. In this marketing business going out on a limb to crush your competition is a must, simply getting by is not an option (at least for me).

Broadcast Your Results

People love hearing about results (though I’ve kept mine a secret for a short while), and there is good reason to do this. Adding in a press release really helps your whole marketing promotion, google ranking, leads, authority, branding and credibility. Other people like to call this hack “Social Proofing,” and doing a live over the shoulder video is much better than a screenshot.

  1. It leverages your results better
  2. People are attracted to results
  3. Do a press release (Either PRweb or E-release are my 2 top choices)

Speak On Stage

This is a really powerful authority hack, but you have to at a live mastermind or an event to make this work. This also is a big boost for your traffic and your video’s or marketing promotions. Recording it live is a must, then edit and upload to youtube. Preferably not with your phone, and is suggested that you use a professional camera OR if it’s being recorded grab a copy of it from the event promoters.

The Funnel Itself

This drives me nuts when I see people involved in a company and they all use the same squeeze page, ad copy, and landing page. I’m going to tell you that is a big mistake, and what you should be doing is:

  1. Create a unique squeeze page.
  2. Use credibility and authority.
  3. Custom sales page that brands YOU.
  4. Story based, value-driven email follow-ups.
  5. Custom ad copy, that nobody else uses.
  6. Be unique.
  7. If you don’t know how to build a proper sales funnel, hire a team to do it.
    (This can be expensive, but you can use Click Funnels to get one made that is affordable and works.)

Evolution of Traffic

And finally in this insightful blog post I’m going to reveal why some traffic sources stop working, and what to do about it. Over saturated traffic tends to mask any good sales funnel with poor stats and conversions.

  1. Adwords (2005-2008)
    Still does work but the competition is really high and so are the prices. Need a larger budget to use this traffic source.
  2. SEO (2000-2010)
    SEO is really a thing of the past and nobody really uses “Free Traffic” as part of any promotion, if it gets ranked and you get some targeted traffic, treat that as a bonus.
  3. Solo Ads (2010-2015)
    Over saturated and conversion rates really took a nose dive over a 5 year period. Plus people are running solo ad scams, and some vendors are not delivering as promised. Still can work but you have to find a decent list.
  4. Facebook PPC (2010-2014)
    I will admit that Facebook still does work, but the cost is going way up, so factor in a larger budget.
  5. Dead, time to move on…
  6. The next big thing (Which is my secret)

Traffic Life Cycle

  1. Underused and it’s dirt cheap
  2. Everyone jumps on the traffic source
  3. Gets saturated
  4. Becomes expensive and unreliable
  5. And stops being profitable


And lastly, before I wrap this post up is use testimonials in your sales funnel combined with all the other hacks I provided. This will give your sales a big boost, add more credibility and authority to you. And use real testimonials, don’t fake it or use some scammy screenshot, or else this could backfire on you real fast and wiping out any gains you have made.

Thanks again for reading my post and hope you got some real value out of it to benefit your sales funnel, your life and your business! Please comment, share, and ask questions below. See you on the beach!